Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

May your holidays be filled with love.
May you all get what you wish for... and more.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cute's Blogger Award

Thanks to thea for this award.

Here are the rules of this award:

1. Each blogger must post these rules.

2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.

3. Bloggers that are tagged, need to write ten facts about themselves.

You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.


So, here are ten, weird, random, little known facts or habits about myself.

1. I dread reading the last chapter of a great book, I feel sad kasi matatapos na siya.

2. I love bagoong alamang. There was even a time na lahat ata ng ulam, sinasabayan ko ng bagoong.

3. If you want to make me happy, feed me ice cream and fried chicken.

4. Even though I live with my in-laws now, madalas my daddy picks me up from the office pa rin :-)

5. I still love the color purple. Di ko na siya nakalakihan :-)

6. I hate mountain climbing /hiking :-( It's not for me.

7. My younger sister does her makeup much better than I do mine.

8. I am not into listening to the radio/ IPOD/ etc. Kaya madalas, I don't know the popular songs. hehe :-)

9. I am friendly.I just don't look it.

10. Our personal ref always has chocolates in it :-)

Passing this on to those who haven't completed this one yet. Thanks again sis Thea.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Fourth Month Birthday Lucas!

Happy Fourth Month Birthday Sweetheart :-) Mommy and Daddy love you much much.

Here's our shirt-eating celebrant with Daddy. This was taken at 6 AM, by the way. First shift kasi si daddy and office party nila tonight. He didn't want to miss Lucas' birthday celebration (or should I say photo op? :-)) so we opted to do the candle-blowing ritual this morning.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Chissa!

To my favorite sister (nag-iisa lang kasi talaga... haha :D ), happy happy birthday! :-)

May you have everything you wish for and more....

Love love :-)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secondhand Books for Sale

Please visit our online bookstore:

We're selling books by the following authors:
1. Judith McNaught
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4. Johanna Lindsey
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9. Sidney Sheldon
10. Sophie Kinsella
... and a whole lot more.

Looking for a book? Just send us the author and title of the book. We'll try to look for a copy for you.

We'll be uploading new sets of books every once in a while so keep on dropping by our site.

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.46

---- Lucas' antics (from his smiles to his screams whenever he's not pleased... it's fun to watch my son develop a personality :-) )
---- Hubby dancing (never fails to crack me up.... peace tayo daddy :D )
---- Having my favorite "ulam" for dinner
---- Finishing a great book
---- Ice cream with cornflakes.... *sigh*.... (at nagtaka pa ako why may tummy pa rin ako)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thirty Two Things that Change when You Have a Baby

Snagged this from

What changes when you have a baby? A better question may be: What doesn't change? Here, writer and mom Rebecca Woolf lists her most notable post-baby observations. Then scroll down to read our favorite comments from readers about how their babies changed their lives.

1. You finally stop to smell the roses, because your baby is in your arms.
2. Where you once believed you were fearless, you now find yourself afraid.
3. The sacrifices you thought you made to have a child no longer seem like sacrifices.
4. You respect your body ... finally.
5. You respect your parents and love them in a new way.
6. You find that your baby's pain feels much worse than your own.
7. You believe once again in the things you believed in as a child.
8. You lose touch with the people in your life whom you should have banished years ago.
9. Your heart breaks much more easily.
10. You think of someone else 234,836,178,976 times a day.
11. Every day is a surprise.
12. Bodily functions are no longer repulsive. In fact, they please you. (Hooray for poop!)
13. You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself.
14. You become a morning person.
15. Your love becomes limitless, a superhuman power.

And from our readers...
1. "You discover how much there is to say about one tooth." — Ashley's mom
2. "You finally realize that true joy doesn't come from material wealth." — Anonymous
3. "You now know where the sun comes from." — Charlotte
4. "You'd rather buy a plastic tricycle than those shoes that you've been dying to have." — Sophie's mom
5. "You realize that although sticky, lollipops have magical powers." — Roxanne
6. "You don't mind going to bed at 9 p.m. on Friday night." — Kellye
7. "Silence? What's that?" — Anonymous
8. "You realize that the 15 pounds you can't seem to get rid of are totally worth having." — Brenda
9. "You discover an inner strength you never thought you had." — Ronin and Brookie's mom
10. "You no longer rely on a clock — your baby now sets your schedule." — Thomas' mom
11. "You give parents with a screaming child an 'I-know-the-feeling' look instead of a 'Can't-they-shut-him-up?' one." — Jaidyn's mom
12. "Your dog — who used to be your 'baby' — becomes just a dog." — Kara
13. "You take the time for one more hug and kiss even if it means you'll be late." — Tracey
14. "You learn that taking a shower is a luxury." — Jayden's mom
15. "You realize that you can love a complete stranger." — Dezarae's mom
16. You find yourself wanting to make this world a better place. — Arizona
17. If you didn’t believe in love at first sight before, now you do! — Ciara

And here he is, the little guy that changed our world --- in a much, much better way :-)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lucas' Third Month Birthday

Little Lucas turned three months old last weekend. He's three months old na, bilis ng panahon :-) We had chicken wings and pancit canton for dinner. The celebrant was quietly playing in his playpen while we enjoyed the food. Just as we're preparing his cake, he started crying. He ended up sleeping before we were able to take pics of him with the cake. Not to be deterred by that, we took pics of him... tulog nga lang siya :-)

Mommy with the sleeping celebrant

Cake from Tita Eunice

Happy birthday munchkin :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.44

Truth be told, JJ and I actually follow more than three. We love watching reality shows :-)

Chef Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares - aliw to watch him na pagalitan yung mga restaurant owners and staff. At yung mga British expressions niya - bollocks! blimey! hehe... Been an ANTM addict since Cycle 2. Kahit parang same story every cycle (may bitch sa house, etc.) - go at watch pa rin ako. Ilang seasons din yung DVD na binili ko since I cannot wait for a week to watch the next episode.

JJ started watching the show Season 2 pa lang. Ako I only started watching it weekly this season. Hmm, mananalo kaya sina Geoff at Tish?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Photos

Found out about Carl Warner through a friend's email. His photos are awesome and I thought I'd share them with you guys.

He has this series called "FOODSCAPES" where everything in the photo is made up of ..... FOOD.

Here are some amazing photos from the series.

loaves of bread as mountains!The trees are made from broccolis! The "rows" of farmland are made of corn, asparagus, and zucchini. Potatoes stand in for rocks. A strawberry, a garlic, several bananas, etc. stand in as hot-air balloons.
The castle is made out of cheese, the walls out of rice, the wagon wheels out of mushrooms and the sack of grains are all garlic
For more photos, check out his website:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Murder in My Mind

Lucas woke up with these red marks on his forehead last Monday. Hay, nakita ko pa yung lamok on his forehead Sunday night and I thought I got to it in time, but no pala :-(
I often tell hubby na dumadami na ang angkan na binabalak kong ubusin. Yan, lamok. Then may time na langgam naman (Lucas was bitten by an ant once before). Ipis rin! Though di pa naman nakakagat si Lucas (huwag naman sana). Pero everytime makakita ako, naku, natatakot ako na they'd get to my son somehow.
We've been applying cortisone cream very lightly on the bites and so far so good. Nababawasan yung redness. Nagtataka lang ako why si Lucas lang ang target. Kami naman ni hubby nasa same room but hindi kami binibiktima. Hmm....

Friday, November 7, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.43

Hands down, it’s having Lucas.

The experience of having an individual grow inside you is just simply amazing. From seeing his first sonogram when he was just nothing but a flashing dot, to seeing him smile and play with his foot on his 3d/4d ultrasound, to knowing that I was 6cm dilated already and finally giving birth to him after 6 hours of not-so-difficult labor --- everything is just unforgettable.

He is only 2 months and 3 weeks old now, but in his own way, he has made our lives richer and happier. It has just begun, and I am looking forward to the challenges and the rewarding experiences that are yet come.

Lastly, I consider having Lucas as a milestone because it introduced me to JJ --- the dad. Oh, yeah, I’ve known JJ – the husband but believe me, seeing how he is with Lucas just makes me love him even more. He’s hands-on with the little guy and can pretty much do everything (except mimic my “hele” and of course, nurse him :-) ). He’d always make sure that he’s there attending the regular check-ups. I remember the first time I met JJ-the dad, it was when we went down to the breastfeeding room in the hospital a day after I gave birth. He was not allowed in the room and was just asked to wait outside. When I saw him again after that, the first thing that he said was “Ang daya. Bakit hindi ako puede. Hindi ko tuloy siya nakita.” I knew then that he wasn’t gonna be a hi-hello daddy to Lucas. And so far, I am sooo right :-)

Here's our little boy --- the best gift we've received :-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bawal ang Brownout!

Bawal because of these.

Imagine my panic nung mag-brownout last Saturday! I mean, it's not that easy to save these much breastmilk.

Background: When I got pregnant, it didn't cross my mind that I will be exclusively breastfeeding Lucas. But surprise of all suprises, I've been at it now for almost three months (bottle-fed siya when I am at work). It's not that easy (you really have to find time to express milk when you're at work and of course, you have to "re-pack" it pa when you get home, not to mention the need for additional freezer space in the house) but it is not that difficult din naman once your mind is set on doing it for your baby. Of course, it also helps a lot if your hubby supports you rin (hi jj!).

Our freezer is actually more crowded now, (Blame the BestMilk breastmilk storage bags - hirap i-store since makain sa space because it cannot be stored flat. Since we cannot find yung Gerber brand sa mall that are priced comparably with the online sellers, tiyaga muna until dumating yung order namin), sometimes I am honestly thinking of throwing out the oldest ones just to have some space. But sayang rin naman and I cannot help but think of the days to come when my "production" will not be more than what Lucas consumes when I am out of the house. For sure, lalakas at lalakas siya mag-feed and we have to be prepared.

Apart from the "tipid" factor, my heart glows whenever people say that our Lucas looks so healthy and then may pahabol na "breastfed kasi". Hay, feel na feel ko ang pagiging mommy :-) Of course, happy rin ako because 4 lbs. na lang and I will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight na (yipee!).

So, to all future mommies (and new moms like my friend, Nyem), I hope you choose to breastfeed your babies if you can.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Pops!

My birthday kicks off a three-bdays-in-11-days thing for my family (not counting the fact that I share the same birthdate with my darling Lola Ima). We celebrated my 28th last weekend (pics to be uploaded later) and yesterday, we celebrated my dad's, uhhuhmmm, 20th :D though his big day is today, November 3. (ka-birthday niya si Ate Vi! hehe...)
My brother (whose 27th birthday is on Nov. 6) flew in from Macau to celebrate with us and it is nice to be with everyone in the family once again. It was another laugh- and chika-filled day with the family :-)
To daddypops, Happy happy birthday! Thanks for being a great daddy to us. Love you! :-)

Lolo Pops with Lucas

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Munchkin Update

Lucas had his monthly check up last Friday. He now tips the scale at 6.3 kilograms and he measures 62 cm. His pedia told us that these measurements are normal for 5-month old babies :-) I asked if our tyke is overweight and he said no naman, that our Lucas is just "malaki" by genes.
Munchkin was given his BCG shot and the oral dose against Rotavirus. We were expecting him to wail as Dr. Suratos told us that the BCG shot is one of the most painful as it is a "skin shot". But our boy surprised us by not making a single sound (very good baby :-) ). The oral medicine was also administered easily. All in all, everything is a-okay according to the doctor (yey!).
Every morning, this little angel showers us with a lot of these smiles :-)

Binata na :-) He can wear shirts without the ties and snaps already.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.41

With our bestest friends, everything related to our HIGH SCHOOL DAYS. Who's doing what, who we've seen, chika and musings about certain events back when we were Mascians.... promise, hindi pa nangyari na hindi kami nagbalik-alaala sa high school :-) hehe...
(L to R): JJ with Lucas, me, Veej, Verajoys, Rhex, Pao with fiancee Chiqui. Veej's hubby, Ben, took the pic.

Whenever me and my college sisters meet, one topic ang hindi puedeng mawala sa usapan ---- LOVELIFE! :-)
(L to R): me, Laurs, Sheryl and Ag. I MISS OUR URU DAYS GIRLS! :-)

Story Time!!

One perk of having a preschool teacher sister-in-law (hi eunice!) is that we have access to her library of children's books. JJ and I started reading to Lucas this week. The first time, he was talking back with his gurgles, probably thinking that we were talking to him. By the second night, when we were showing him the pages na, he was quiet all the time and was just following the pages as they were turned. Hope he'd love reading as much as I do :-)
Lucas and Daddy

Mommy usually reads "Love You Forever"

... and Daddy reads "Just Me and My Dad"

We'll probably stick to these two books for a while as part of the nightly thing but I plan to read him a new book every once in a while.

Friday, October 17, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.40

I had lots of these with my bibo nephew Matty. The most recent one was when we just got home from the hospital after I gave birth to Lucas.
Me: (Opening the door) Hi Matty!
Matty: Hi Tita! May baby ka pa jan sa tiyan mo?
:-) Honest siya di ba? Malaki pa nga naman talaga yung tummy ko two days after giving birth.

One conversation I'd never forget is between Matty and my dad. My dad was fixing our car in the garage and our garage is just outside the living room area so we're hearing their conversation from there. Matty, following my dad wherever he goes, was with him while he was fixing the car. He also wanted to "help" my dad so he was given several tools.
Matty: Lolo, akin na yung isa pang small one. (he was referring to the other smaller tools that my dad was using).
Dad: Matty, wag ka magulo. Puede na yang tool mo.
Matty: (pumupukpok rin) Lolo, lipat ako jan malapit sa yo. Lipat mo tong chair ko. (He was propped on top of one chair so he could "see" what he was fixing. May mga grasa pa talaga siya sa damit afterwards!).
Dad: Hay naku Matty. Pagod na pagod na si lolo. (What my dad meant was that he was so tired from my nephew's kakulitan).
Matty: Sige na lolo, ako na bahala dito. (Akala niya physically pagod na dad ko).
My sister and I melted when we heard Matty say that. Sweet di ba? :-) Kaya ayun, nilipat nga ni lolo ang chair ni Matty malapit sa kanya :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy 2nd Month Birthday Lucas :-)

Happy 2nd Month Birthday munchkin :-)

@ 2 months, our baby smiles a lot (as in his eyes get smaller sa sarap ng tawa niya), loves to "talk" (sometimes he'd open his mouth lang and feeling niya he's talking na but most of the time, may sound) and he sure loves taking a bath (recently, he cried daw when he was removed from his tub).

JJ took this video using our camera. I don't know how to rotate eh so you have to bend your head to see the video :-) hehe. Siempre di sinabi ni hubby na video pala, may pose pose pa ako na nalalaman. Nakakatuwa si Lucas. He was wide-eyed and probably wondering what the fuss is all about. May point pa na naiyak na siya :-)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Raikkonen assured of DHL Fastest Lap Award

"His championship hopes may be all but over, but Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen does have something to celebrate - clinching the DHL Fastest Lap Award for the second consecutive year.With three races still to run, Raikkonen has already racked up an unbeatable 10 fastest laps this year, his most recent in Singapore.

With no other driver having recorded more than two, Raikkonen will collect the highly-coveted DHL Fastest Lap Award trophy following next month’s season finale in Brazil.
On top of that, just one more fastest lap in 2008 will see Raikkonen break Michael Schumacher’s record of 10 fastest laps in a season, set by the German during his dominant 2004 campaign with Ferrari."

Something positive at the end of a dismal season for Kimi. I hope the next season will be much better for him. I sure miss seeing him finish in the top 3 position.

With Kimi's chances of defending his title purely mathematical (Hamilton leads him by 27 points with only 30 points to play for), I am hoping that Hamilton will win the championship. Not that Massa doesn't deserve to win, he does. But of course, I'd rather have Raikkonen as the only Ferrari driver with a world championship title. Yeah, purely selfish reasons :-)

Engines will rev up for the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend. Can't wait!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preggy Tag

Snagged this from Nikki's site.

Preggy Facts:

1. Who did you first inform about your pregnancy and how?
Hubby! It was our first year anniversary when I had the HPT. As in around 4AM ata yun. I thought, if negative, JJ doesn't have to know what I did. Ako na lang ang madi-disappoint. While waiting for the results, I was chanting/ praying "sana positive, anniv gift na ninyo sa amin please". When I saw the two lines, I was shaking with excitement. I woke him up and told him "happy anniversary daddy. positive!". Hindi pa siya maniwala at first :-)
2. Maximum weight? Around 165 lbs!
3. Cravings? Nothing specific. Sometimes, I'd wake up thinking of pancit canton and that I have to have it. Tipong ganon. But I noticed that I was looking for my favorite foods more often. Sabi nga ni JJ, excuse lang daw ang pregnancy para bilhan niya ako :-)
4. Aversions? Wala naman. But I noticed that lumakas talaga ang sense of smell ko. There was also a period na I loved JJ's smell. As in, sumisiksik ako sa kanya to smell him...
5. Morning Sickness? Luckily, I didn't experience this.

D Day Facts:
1. Number of Kids/Deliveries? One
2. NSD or CS? NSD
3. Girl or Boy? Boy
4. AOG (age of gestation) on Birth?38 weeks and 6 days
5. How long in labor? Was admitted around 1130AM and I was 5-6cm dilated already. I gave birth to Lucas around 6:19PM. I started feeling something the night before pa so I guess that's when it all began.

My last preggy pic before I had Lucas :-)

Butterfly Award

Big hug to sis Joanne for this award :-)

Once accepted, the rules would be as follows:
1. Put the logo on your blog;
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you;
3. Nominate 10 other blogs;
4. Add links to those blog on yours;
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs;
Passing this award to Jan, Ann, Sujee, Nikki, Mec, Thet, Pheng, and Emma. I love dropping by their sites :-)

Waving the white flag

I had this illusion that one day, Lucas will suddenly look like me. Until I took this pic.....
Hay... talagang kamukhang-kamukha ng daddy niya :-) Sige na, surrender na ako. Kayo na ang mag-carbon copy....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.39

Coffeebreak from Jan.

Quite controversial.

To answer the question, I honestly do not think so. Most are calling this move "sneaky". However, Justice Secretary Gonzalez is saying that there is a basis for Teehankee's release. But one article on GMANews.TV says otherwise and I quote:
Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez defended Teehankee’s pardon, saying it underwent the proper procedure.“Strictly speaking, the grant of a clemency is the judgment call of the President. Whether there is basis or not, (it) makes no difference. But in this particular case, we have enough basis," he said.
State Prosecutor Dennis Villa-Ignacio, on the other hand, said the granting of executive clemency on Teehankee violated at least two sections in the Amended Guidelines for Recommending Executive Clemency that Gonzalez himself signed in March 2006. He said section 10 of the guidelines states that all the concerned parties in the case, particularly the convicting trial judge, the prosecutor’s office, and the offended party, should be duly consulted on the possible granting of pardon on a convict. Villa-Ignacio also noted that section 11 states that names of the convicts being considered for executive clemency should be published first in national newspapers. “You formulate your own rules then you (did) not comply with the same, so what’s the use of coming out with guidelines?" he said.

Now, isn't that fishy? Hubert is probably packing his bags as you read this...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What we've been up to....

... nothing much really :-)

Baby Lucas was christened two weekends ago. JJ and I finalized everything in two days, I think (no official photographer, no invites, no giveaways... so do not be surprised if it took us 48 hours to finish everything. It was just a matter of choosing where to have the reception :-) ).
My realizations after the event:
  • It is not easy to be a host. As in. It was the first event that JJ and I hosted since our parents were basically the ones going around when we got married. Grabe pala. It was fun (true) but tiring :-) Siempre, we didn't want our guests to feel neglected so we have to go around. Like what one of my uncles said, you couldn't stay long in one table else you'd miss saying hi to your other guests.
  • Now we know why couples get an official photographer during these events.
  • RSVP sometimes work, but most of the time, it doesn't.
Lucas was asleep the whole time. He didn't even open his eyes when water was poured on his head.
I was supposed to go back to work last Monday (2 weeks early) but I had light bleeding Sunday so we decided to have myself checked the following day. My doctor said everything is okay and that I just have to monitor the bleeding. Either it's still lochia or if it is less than 7 days, my period. If it lasts more than 7 days, I should see her again ASAP. Good thing the bleeding stopped last night.

This coming Monday, I really have to go to work again as major activities in the project I am handling are set to begin. Hay, I'd have to leave Lucas na but then, that's life :-) I'll look forward to the long Christmas break na lang para I won't go back to work with a heavy heart.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 28th!

Happy 28th birthday hun :-) Here's to celebrating many, many more birthdays with us. We love you daddy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is me today...

Thanks to Sujee for the tag :-)

1. List 6 things that describe yourself today.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.
Links: Creative In Me Little Peanut Me and Mine Pea in a Pod Sugar Magnolias Doll Me Up Deviously Creative IamDzoi My Happy Place To the Moon and Back Raising Sandy My Colorful World Working It MyParty.Finds.A Home. Em's Detour Stripe & Yellow Something Purple Vanity Kit Mind Bubbles Living the Healthy Life As We Face Forever Our Family Adventure! Sujee's Spot Online Window Shopping BookMagic

Today I am......
----> at peace. Lucas had his monthly check-up yesterday and everything is okay according to his pedia. His jaundice is due to my breastfeeding him :-)
----> relaxed. After his check-up yesterday, we went to the mall to buy his outfit for Sunday. We window-shopped na rin. I guess there's something about malling that somehow recharged me.
----> thinking about an investment for Lucas' education. We met with an agent yesterday and we're now looking at the options available to us.
----> in bad need of a haircut. I guess I'd have to attend to it one of these days. I am not putting it on my priority list since my hair is up on a ponytail all the time these days anyway. But it will be nice to have my tresses trimmed.
----> craving for Country Style's choco log.
----> excited to start with the new book I got last week.

Tagging everyone in my blogroll who have not completed this one yet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yup, new look for my blog. Siempre, nakita ko kay Ann and I cannot help but check the available designs. Daming nice templates and it took a while for me to settle with this one.

I am on the 6th week of my maternity leave already (wahhh, lapit na ko balik work). Lucas and I have established a daily pattern already (sort of) and my baby usually wakes up 2 to 3 times between 11PM to 6AM. I am getting longer sleep these days. (yipee!)

Again, it hasn't been all rosy and there were pretty tiring times but all the difficulties seem trivial whenever Lucas prefers my "hele" over everyone else's (probably loves the "soft" me with all the fat that I am yet to lose) and whenever my baby boy giggles and coo at me. It is also scary as everyone believes that I can make him stop crying no matter what and somehow, I seem to be able to do so. I am amazed at how most of the time I am right in identifying the cause for his discomfort/ displeasure.

He's grown a lot and we no longer think that he's fragile. Oh dear, wala na nga leeg ang baby ko dahil tumaba na talaga siya :-) My only issue now is the fact that his eyes still have a little yellowish tint in them. Di ko siya masyado nasu-sunbathe in the mornings due to the weather (sunod sunod bagyo and ulan nang ulan). I am not sure if that is the cause for it but I am gonna take it up with his pedia this Friday. Lucas is also up for his 6-in-1 vaccine (hepB2, polio, etc.) this week and I hope hindi ulit siya lagnatin like the first time.

And now I would like to leave you with one of my boy's "awww cutie pie" pictures :-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Propagating Friendship Award

Big thanks to Joanne for this award :-)Passing this award to: Jan, Sheryll and Ann .

Can't wait 'til the 28th...

Nope, it's not our anniversary. Nope, my birthday is on October pa (though JJ will celebrate his 28th on the 29th). Yup, it's our son's christening but there is one more reason why I am so looking forward to the 28th.

I've been following Formula 1 for a few years now and the race on the 28th is the first of its kind. Why? It will be a night race!
I would have taken JJ to watch the GP (it will be in Singapore so near lang) since birthday niya and it would have been something na the two of us would enjoy (that is kung naka-book ako ng flight, hotel and if I got f1 tickets. Heard from a classmate na late last year pa lang daw, pahirapan na) but since we have Lucas now, maybe next year na lang? :-) (so dapat pala now pa lang i am planning for it na. hmmm.).

Anyway, here's a preview of the circuit.

To those who will attend the GP, please say hi to Kimi for me :-)

coffee break ver. 1.36

From Jan :-)

I'd say Friends and Sex and the City. Though I am lucky that several channels still have the reruns (Velvet, Star). These two shows never failed to make me laugh. My two fave episodes: Brad Pitt as Will who hates Rachel (Thanksgiving) and the episode when Rachel and Ross were arguing about who seduced who :-)

I enjoyed the adventures of these ladies. Though yung last season lang ang napanood ko ng complete. I guess I should scout for DVDs of the earlier seasons para I can watch all episodes :-)

I also enjoyed FULL HOUSE (John Stamos, Olsen twins, etc.) and SAVED BY THE BELL (Mark Paul Gosselaar).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What makes me happy, what makes me sad...

Thanks to fellow n@wie Sheryll for this tag.

Start copy here:
Here are the Rules:
1. List things that makes you happy and what makes you sad.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know...Toni, Jeng, Emz, Sheryll, Chie, YOU

1. my boys, JJ and Lucas

2. my mom's laughter

3. holidays

4. Toblerone

5. new book from my fave authors

1. thinking about my going back to work in a month's time

2. JJ on night shifts (wala kasi ako katulong with Lucas and baby is usually fussy during the wee hours of the day)

Tagging everyone in my blogroll who haven't done this yet :-)

Lucas' First

Lucas turned 1 month-old yesterday. Ang bilis bilis. Parang kailan lang when I gave birth to him.

I cooked three cheese pasta (recipe from Ate Michelle) and we bought a cake to celebrate his birthday. Tita Eunice even had a gift for our little boy.
Siempre JJ did not tell me na kasama ako sa pic so di ako nakatingin :-) Baby just fell asleep when we realized na wala pa siyang picture with his cake. So before laying him down sa bed, picture picture muna. And yes, I have to start losing weight na. I know, I know :-)

To baby Lucas, happy 1st month birthday sweetheart. We love you much much :-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wacky Weekend

This is overdue already. I got this tag from Jan (the week I gave birth) and this week from Sheryll. Mine is a wacky weekend that was. (wacky nga ba?).

Saturday. JJ and I finalized the reception venue for our boy's christening. We also dropped by Shopwise and Makro to scout for refrigerators where I'll stock milk for my baby. But most refs we saw had small freezers so it's back to the drawing board for us. My "product" is currently stored in the freezer inside my in-laws' room. Impractical kasi if we buy a big ref just for storing milk.
Sunday. We attended mass. Watched the first part of the Nadal/Murray US Open semis. Watched the Belgian GP (kaasar results though!).

on Lucas, etc.

My baby turned three weeks old last Friday and he seems to have grown quite a lot. Gone was the dainty infant I was afraid to hold the first time and in his place is this chubby-cheeked angel who looks like he's more than a month old. The clothes that engulfed him the first week are now "body-fit" shirts :-) Time flies and I wonder how I'd feel in five weeks time when I have to leave him to work. Hay :-(

I have a post regarding our little bed purchase months ago. To date, Lucas' little bed has not been slept in. Lucas tried it for a few minutes and we noticed that our little boy seemed irritated as he'd hit the bed's sides whenever he stretched his arms (something he loves to do). A few minutes after we had him settled in the bed, he started whining and he immediately stopped when we got him out of it. Buti na lang the one we purchased was not that expensive. These days, Lucas sleeps in his playpen since we noticed days ago that he doesn't want to sleep with us anymore (he sleeps longer in his playpen).

I am also successful in breastfeeding him (yey! big thanks to ate mai for all her advice and the booklet she gave me a few months back). It also pays that hubby supports me in this endeavor (taga-hanap ng storage bags, taga-kuha ng pump when needed, etc.). Though thrice ata siya nakainom ng formula. Mostly on his first week since my "supply" came in late and once when I had my follow-up check-up and nakalimutan namin yung expressed milk niya sa ref (my bad). I am now looking into increasing my supply para I can start storing na for the time when I have to work na ulit.

His sleeping pattern is weird (what did I expect ba? that he'd sleep through the night? Ha!) so I am lucky if I'd get 5 hours of sleep in a day (kahit installment). Good thing may US Open so whenever I have to feed Lucas and burp him afterwards, may pinapanood ako in the wee hours of the morning. Suwerte rin that usually Lucas cries lang if he's hungry, he's wet, minsan pag pinapaliguan ko siya and gutom siya and when he feels cold. Sana ganito lang parati.

Random pics from last week.

Nope, we aren't advocating the British 50's style of child-rearing, brownout lang one day last week and mas mahangin sa labas so we took Lucas and his playpen out.

Lucas with my sister Chissa, Daddypops and my cousin Jon (visiting us from Florida).

My baby has rashes on his cheeks. Mommy cannot help but kiss him on the cheeks sometimes kasi. But since the rashes appeared, mommy has to be content with kissing baby's tummy area.