Thursday, May 26, 2011

Movies Movies

 Excited to see this one with Lucas. It will be his first movie theater experience.

I hope this one is as action-packed and exciting as the first two. Of course, the husband's been eyeing those TF3 toys that recently went on display in toy stores.

Conversations with Lucas

At Amici in ATC while eating gelato. Lucas drops his spoon.
Lucas: Oh no Mommy...
Mommy: It's okay. I have two. I'll give you one. (I gave him the pink spoon)
Lucas: No Mommy. Don't like pink. Don't like pink Mommy...
Mommy: Oh okay. You can have the green one....

Mommy: Ladies and gentlemen, here is Lucas Ethan Vallesteros!!!!
Lucas: Thank you, thank you...
Lucas: (mejo bulol) Ladies and gentlemen, here is Mommy Ethan Vallesteros!!!!
Mommy: Nya!
Pati si JJ, Daddy Ethan Vallesteros daw :) hehehe...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Snippets

... from our past weeks

 Little boy playing with our camera....

 Lola E's reading glasses.

The lens were removed. He's wearing only the frame


~ *~
An afternoon at the park. Said park is a short walk away from our home. Makes you wonder why we don't visit often. Hmm, made we wonder too...

 Baligtad ata ito...

 Lucas: Slowly daddy slowly... Faster daddy faster faster

 I always pray that Lucas will grow up "close" to Daddy and Mommy.. (ok, puede rin kay Mommy lang... :) joke.)

See-saw fun...

~ * ~
And quoting my son as he closes a book after reading, "The End!"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Holy Week 2011

Ours was spent at home, with Daddy attending to car-related chores and Mommy just keeping our little boy company (and well, trying!, to do some spring cleaning).

 I baked blueberry cheesecake for my sister. It was my first time to use Eunice's recipe so I was kinda nervous. Good thing she was there to help me out. It was delicious!

Hubby installed the mesh car grill

 He also repainted the side mirrors that I, uhhhmm, scratched accidentally.

 Lolo G with tabachoy Lucas :)

Lucas: Daddy, so heavy

This is a late post, I know. But better late than never right? And I hope you all had a meaningful Holy Week. Next long weekend is on June 18-20. Time to plan something :)

Another Milestone

Guess who sat by  himself on a dentist chair? Guess who let the dentist clean his teeth without Daddy and Mommy's assistance and without making a fuss (read: not even a single tear!)? :)

 .. and we couldn't be happier :) We were so proud of him.

Daddy JJ was happy because he was dreading the part of the dental visit where he has to control all of Lucas' 20 kilos from squirming as the dentist goes about her task of cleaning and checking Lucas' teeth.

It was a surprise, really. I told him days before that we will go the dentist in a couple of days where his teeth will be brushed and cleaned. He just kept on saying, "Ok Mommy" whenever the upcoming appointment was mentioned to him so I took his reply with a grain of salt and just expected the worst.

But then, he willingly sat on the chair and the rest is one-mom's-proud-moment history.

~ * ~
Can I add that he's potty trained already? Yey! to savings from nappies...

Next mission is to have him speak Filipino. I asked Ate Denny to speak to him in Filipino (to enforce the one person, one language rule) but then he says, "No, Ate Denny, don't like it... don't like it" when she speaks to him in Filipino. Hay, next move is for me to be the designated person to speak to him in Filipino.

Let me know if you have any other tips :)