Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bawal ang Brownout!

Bawal because of these.

Imagine my panic nung mag-brownout last Saturday! I mean, it's not that easy to save these much breastmilk.

Background: When I got pregnant, it didn't cross my mind that I will be exclusively breastfeeding Lucas. But surprise of all suprises, I've been at it now for almost three months (bottle-fed siya when I am at work). It's not that easy (you really have to find time to express milk when you're at work and of course, you have to "re-pack" it pa when you get home, not to mention the need for additional freezer space in the house) but it is not that difficult din naman once your mind is set on doing it for your baby. Of course, it also helps a lot if your hubby supports you rin (hi jj!).

Our freezer is actually more crowded now, (Blame the BestMilk breastmilk storage bags - hirap i-store since makain sa space because it cannot be stored flat. Since we cannot find yung Gerber brand sa mall that are priced comparably with the online sellers, tiyaga muna until dumating yung order namin), sometimes I am honestly thinking of throwing out the oldest ones just to have some space. But sayang rin naman and I cannot help but think of the days to come when my "production" will not be more than what Lucas consumes when I am out of the house. For sure, lalakas at lalakas siya mag-feed and we have to be prepared.

Apart from the "tipid" factor, my heart glows whenever people say that our Lucas looks so healthy and then may pahabol na "breastfed kasi". Hay, feel na feel ko ang pagiging mommy :-) Of course, happy rin ako because 4 lbs. na lang and I will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight na (yipee!).

So, to all future mommies (and new moms like my friend, Nyem), I hope you choose to breastfeed your babies if you can.

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jan celiz-magtoto said...

chie! how i wish i'll be so "milk-blessed" din when my time comes. is there a way that can ensure us women that we'll have enough breastmilk? anyway, usapang momentous moments muna tayo. dito http://labskiddies.blogspot.com/2008/11/coffee-break-ver-143.html