Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Munchkin Update

Lucas had his monthly check up last Friday. He now tips the scale at 6.3 kilograms and he measures 62 cm. His pedia told us that these measurements are normal for 5-month old babies :-) I asked if our tyke is overweight and he said no naman, that our Lucas is just "malaki" by genes.
Munchkin was given his BCG shot and the oral dose against Rotavirus. We were expecting him to wail as Dr. Suratos told us that the BCG shot is one of the most painful as it is a "skin shot". But our boy surprised us by not making a single sound (very good baby :-) ). The oral medicine was also administered easily. All in all, everything is a-okay according to the doctor (yey!).
Every morning, this little angel showers us with a lot of these smiles :-)

Binata na :-) He can wear shirts without the ties and snaps already.

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