Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 11th Month Birthday Munchkin!

Our little boy is now 11 months old :-)

11th Month Update:
1. He has five teeth already and he lets me clean his tongue and teeth with a soft cloth and cold water.
2. He loves the song "I have two hands.. [yun ba title nito?]" taught by Lola Mami and Tita Nice. He imitates their actions pa. Whenever he puts his hands up, it's a sign that Lola should sing na :-)
3. He loves spaghetti and bread. He even eats ampalaya! He doesn't eat baby food na and prefers table food. A few weeks ago, everyone laughed when he pushed his Gerber Broccoli away [ his favorite since his 6th month] and pointed at the viand on the table.
4. He signs "milk" and "more"[when prodded but he usually makes this impatient sound when he wants more of something]
5. He understands the concept of "No" but wouldn't always follow.
6. He can say "dede","dodo", "dada", "a-te" (usually just "te"), "ti-ta" (usually just "ta"), "ti-to" (once), "mamam" [for water], "papa", "mama" [only when he has a problem :-)]. Whenever I tell him, "Lucas, say Mama", he'd say "Dada! Dada!" with a smile on his face. Feeling ko he does this intentionally :-)
7. He points to the door whenever he wants to go out of the house. He'd point pa left or right pag nasa may gate na :-) Just ask him "Where?" or "San tayo pupunta?".
8. He can stand on his own na for a few seconds and walks when he's holding on to something [like the shelves near our bed and when he's on his playpen]

Happy Birthday anak. Thank you for bringing joy into our lives. Daddy and Mommy love you much much :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's been a while [insert sheepish grin here] since my last post and as much as I would have loved to write updates, I've just been too busy the past weeks.

Since I have no time for a full-blown, paragraph after paragraph of kuwentos, I will just leave you guys with pictures of my son Lucas :-) The pics themselves would [hopefully] tell you what we were up to the past weeks...

My guapo son in a barong [sniff. sniff. he's growing too fast for me..]. We attended bestfriend Pao and Chiqui's wedding at Caleruega.

Celebrating Lucas' 10th Month birthday with Smores cake and Nachos...

He has four teeth already... It's war whenever we try to brush his teeth and clean his tongue...

At Shangri-la Mall, happily eating ice cream...

Taken at Ate Laine's home, when we visited little Isabel [she was born last May 23]
That's it :-) Hope I'd get to post again soon..