Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Pops!

My birthday kicks off a three-bdays-in-11-days thing for my family (not counting the fact that I share the same birthdate with my darling Lola Ima). We celebrated my 28th last weekend (pics to be uploaded later) and yesterday, we celebrated my dad's, uhhuhmmm, 20th :D though his big day is today, November 3. (ka-birthday niya si Ate Vi! hehe...)
My brother (whose 27th birthday is on Nov. 6) flew in from Macau to celebrate with us and it is nice to be with everyone in the family once again. It was another laugh- and chika-filled day with the family :-)
To daddypops, Happy happy birthday! Thanks for being a great daddy to us. Love you! :-)

Lolo Pops with Lucas

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