Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lucas is an addict...

Addicted to Thomas the Train, that is.

My son gets all giddy when he receives anything Thomas-related. Be it towels, a cap, DVDs, books. But we can tell that he's happiest when he gets new trains to add to his collection. Amazingly, he knows all trains by name (well, at least those who are in Season 8).

 Kinikilig talaga :) This is why we can't resist buying him new trains.

 He loves arranging them in one straight line

  See? You can tell he loved what he just got

So, guess who got into panic-buying mode when they chanced upon the Wooden Railways series on Sale at Toy Kingdom :) Haha. Of course, it didn't help that JJ just received his SM Gift Cheques, a company Christmas gift.

We gave them to Lucas one by one. I think we still have 2 or 3 left wrapped and hidden inside our cabinet. We see that he appreciates them more and each gets to be his favorite train for a longer while this way. Of course, it's also one sure cure for his tantrums...

Moving on to my other toy addict (this one's a Transformer addict). We're looking for Prime Voyagers that recently went on sale. Would appreciate any leads :) Been to malls in the South already and sadly, they've all been sold out :(

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Linen/Silk Anniversary

I almost clobbered the hubby when he greeted me "Happy 3rd Anniversary" at a little past 1 AM this morning. A sweet gesture, yes. But he should've counted properly first. See, it's our fourth anniversary already :) I restrained myself (lest I have to drive him to the hospital (on our anniversary no less) with a head injury) and just said "Happy Anniversary Labs. But please count again" :)). Now, this kind of booboo would be unforgivable to some but lets give hubby a break. He really has issues counting years and months. But I digress, to celebrate our 4th year as Mr. and Mrs. Vallesteros, I would like to share pictures from the past years.

 Our 2006 Wedding. Gray skies but thank heavens it didn't rain. Think garden reception :)

 2007: Merely two months after our wedding, JJ was sent abroad for training. Took it as an opportunity to have our honeymoon overseas. This same year, after an HPT I took early morning of our 1st anniversary, we found out that we're gonna be Daddy and Mommy in about eight months.

 August 2008: Everyone was all eyes on the Olympic Games held in Beijing, China. A week after the opening ceremonies (August 15, 2008), I was watching the gymnastics competition in the Delivery Room while giving birth to our dear darling son, Lucas Ethan.

 2009: Big year for me and JJ career-wise. We also celebrated Lucas' first birthday.

2010: Yey! Lucas is big enough to take vacations with us! Still challenging but at least he already appreciates the change in scenery.

Looking back. I cannot believe how much our lives has changed in the past four years. I am looking forward to celebrating more years with you JJ. Cheers to a brighter future for our little family.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Farewell Lola

JJ's Lola Poleng passed away early last week. She was 88 years old. From what JJ and my in-laws told me, she lived a full life. Challenging, yes. But she emerged victorious. One just have to look at her six children to see that.

Though I've known Lola for only a short period of time, I felt everyone's loss because in that short time, I got a glimpse of the great mom and grandmother that everyone adored and loved.

I am sure that JJ will tell our children stories of how his Lola P braved the PNR commute to help him out with his assignments. How Lola took good care of him when he stayed in Morwood Drive.  

Farewell Lola. You will always be in our hearts.
~ * ~

With Lola and Tita Sylv, our 2006 wedding

 During the reception, where she made everyone laugh with her speech

Lola's 87th Birthday celebration

 Early 2009. First time she met Lucas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hollywood Siblings

Got these cute pics from People
Kingston and Zuma Rossdale

Heidi's Leni and Johann

 Madonna's Lourdes and Mercy

Ben and Jennifer's Violet and Seraphina

I just find the pictures cute okay? :P I am not hinting at anything here. Not yet :)