Monday, July 25, 2011


Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers  :)

I know we are still far from the finish line but thank you thank you for this development.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Current Reads

I recommend this book for moms with toddlers. I am not yet done with it but here are the author's general principles and what she promotes and encourage throughout the chapters of the book:
1. View and respect your toddler as an individual
2. Cheer your toddler on toward independence - without rushing him
3.  Learn how to tune in to your child's verbal and nonverbal language
4. Be realistic - toddlerhood is a time of constant change
5. Promote your child's development and family harmony
6. Help your toddler manage his emotions - particularly his frustrations
7. Develop a strong meaningful bond between Dad and your toddler
8. Facilitate your child's becoming a social being
9. Manage your emotions
10. Nourish your own adult relationships

I can say that it  has helped me already! I am now more patient with Lucas and I try very, very hard not to shout at him even though I am frustrated already. I also try other means aside from force to get him to do stuff, like taking a bath (before, this activity can really be a STRUGGLE) and eating time (I learned to RELAX and not stress too much on his picky-eater nature). Of course, there are still those times when I feel like he just wants to TEST his limits on me and his dad but hey, we have a toddler after all. And what's important is that we are learning more on how to deal with him properly. I'd share more when I finish the book.

I am also done reading Jude Deveraux's latest title. It is another nice read from Deveraux. I finished it in three days (an amazing feat really, given that reading a book -for me- is a luxury these days). Imagine me with a booklight at 1 AM (Fact).

I love love Philippa Gregory! I love how her stories are based on facts, the characters really existed and how events mentioned in the books really happened. From what I know, Gregory usually fills in the gaps whenever her research fails to provide portions of her character's story. The Other Queen is a page-turner and it left me wanting to start on her other books. I first read "The Other Boleyn Girl". After that, I am hooked.

This is the next  book in line. The Queen's Fool. I am hoping it'd be as good as the other Gregory books I read.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My reaction was comic when I got this SMS from the husband:
"Labs, sa Chic-Boy daw kami magdi-dinner."
Moments later, and a testament to how well he knows what runs through my head and how much he loves teasing me, he sent another SMS:
"CHICken at baBOY. Chic-Boy. In Jupiter. Here's website..."

He enjoyed the food and promised that he'd soon take me and Lucas to sample their simple yet yummy dishes.

Our first visit was at the El Molito Commercial Complex branch in Zapote Road, Alabang. We ordered:
Cebu Lechon Liempo: So delicious. What made it more yummy is the vinegar that came with it.

BATCHOY: Lucas loved the noodles and soup. It is a steal for P49 pesos. But JJ says that he still prefers Ted's.

SABA IN SYRUP: My love affair with saba just never ends.

We promised to be back.

Our second visit was in the BF Paranaque branch. This time for merienda. Lucas and Dadi G were with us. We ordered pretty much the same things and again found their food "sulit" for their price.

Will we go back for a third time?

We already did :) We went back the next day for lunch. And yup, we still left the place happy and our tummies filled.

Verdict: Highly recommended

London, England

... was where Nole was crowned as the Wimbledon Champion.

 The following Monday, he also became the new No.1 Player in the World

I wouldn't have minded Nole's win as he's my second favorite player but the win came courtesy of my FAVORITE player :(

At least Rafa has Roland Garros... and he can always try his best again next season. Still, it is hard not to feel a little sad as the next tournaments will be on hardcourts where Nole played extremely well in the past. Rafa fans can only hope and pray for better results in the next games.

I read that Nole is now on a gluten-free diet as his nutritionist found that the athlete is allergic to the said protein late last year. Could this be the key to his amazing tennis this year? Read one article here .