Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lucky 13

Yup, it's our 13th year as a couple :)

Took a trip down memory lane by unearthing some of the pics we included in our AVP during our wedding.

 At Tito Jun and Tita By's house. I think this was in 2002 or 2003.

 By the beach. For some reason, this is one of my favorite pics.

 At our godson George's first birthday party. George is JJ's one and only inaanak to date

JJ and I are friends since we were in high school but we only became a couple when we were in college. So, I treasure the pics below. Who would have known back then that we'd end up married? ;-)
 Senior Prom. Yes, it was held in the school quadrangle with our principal walking around the "dance floor" with a flash light commenting on and separating couples who she feels are dancing too close :)

 Grad Ball '97

 Enchanted Kingdom '98

We put more effort into celebrating this anniversary compared to how we celebrate our wedding anniv. This time, we decided to go out of town with my family. We're headed off to the City of Pines this coming weekend. I can't wait! It will be Lucas's first time to go there. I admit I am excited too as I haven't been there since 2003.

I hope the weather will cooperate :) 

Monday, February 27, 2012

His First Time...

The happy momma in me just have to post pics of Lucas's first time as coin bearer. Thank you Tito Arianne and Tita Arhel. It was a lovely wedding and I only wish the best for the newlywed couple :)

 While waiting for the ceremony to begin

 You guessed right. Bribery going on here

 He followed the photographer's instructions during the pictorials :)


 Lucas to his Daddy: Daddy, I want to ride the horse please...

 With Marcel's little Z

Yup, they danced the night away

Saturday, February 25, 2012

7 Basic Psychological Needs

I had the privilege of attending one of her parenting seminars organized by our company. Our CEO was able to attend one of hers and decided to invite Dr. Honey Carandang in our office to conduct the same. She had a one-page handout that I thought I'd share here.
7 Basic Psychological Needs
1. Personal Significance
    "I Matter", "I Make a Difference", "I am not a non-entity"
2. Love, Affection, Unconditional Acceptance
    Need for affection and acceptance as THEY ARE; basic trust, sense of security
3. Clear and Consistent Limits
    Provide reasonable rules, clear do's and don'ts, testing the limits, need to set boundaries, say NO, be firm, respect is core value in discipline
4. Sense of Competence
   "I Can vs. I Can't", "I am good at something", need to develop area of competence, sense of power
   Need to be connected, to belong, support group, real friends
6. Wide Scope of Self Expression
    Need to have various avenues to express self, emotios, etc., Play, Art, Music, Storytelling, Writing, Sports, Dance, Drama
7. Transcedence
    Need to look beyond what is there, to have faith, hope that things can be better

From the writings and lectures of:
Ma. Lourdes Arellano-Carandang, Ph. D.
Clinical Psychologist

Saturday, February 18, 2012


My dad's only sister, Tita Nadie, spoils my and my siblings' children. I think my Tita's biggest mistake was asking the kids what they want as gifts and sending it to them. Now they know that when they ask something from her, there's a good chance that it will come in the next weeks or months.

Lucas asked for Gordon when they last spoke. And surprise of all surprises, Gordon came in a month's time. We called Tita to say thanks and here's how her conversation with Lucas went:
Lucas: Thank you Tita.
Tita: *I didn't hear what she said. But she was probably asking Lucas if he liked Gordon*
Lucas: Yeah Tita. Tita, there's more train in the paper (by paper he meant the flyer that came with the toy). There's Henry, Dennis,etc. etc. (I was listening with wide eyes! Aba! Kakatanggap lang, nagbibilin na agad! Even Lolo G was laughing.)
I think my Tita asked what else does he want and Lucas said Henry. My Tita just laughed and said my son was adorable.

In two week's time, my sister told me, "Ate, nabili na raw si Henry. Darating sa March with Kuya Jon."

Spoiled talaga! But I am thankful that my Tita's generous enough to buy gifts for her apos. Actually, she buys stuff for us too so hindi lang ang kids ang spoiled, us too :)

Here's a snapshot of Lucas when we gave him Tita's gift:

Conversations with Lucas

Lucas loves watching Thomas the Tank Engine videos in Youtube. He specially loves product reviews. One time, he was watching a review of a new line released in other countries but not yet available here.
Lucas: Daddy, Mommy, buy me Thomas Track Master.
Me: Naku, anak. Hindi pa yan available dito. We cannot buy yet.
Lucas: Mom! Office Ebay!
*Oo nga naman. Puede sa ebay.

In our bedroom, all lights off. JJ and I were trying to sleep na. Of course, si Lucas rin dapat about to sleep na. Mukhang hindi pa siya antok so he kept moving.
Me: Lucas, anak, sleep na. Late na. Close your eyes na.
Lucas: Mom, I can't do it! Look! My eyes won't close! They won't close mom!

After dinner, I prepared Lucas's bath. I went to our bedroom to call him. He was just watching TV (nakataas pa ang kamay).
Me: Lucas, time for bath na. Halika na.
Lucas: Mooom, I am too busy...
*Kaloka. Too busy watching TV???

Out of the blue....
Lucas: Mom, I want to go to Toy Storyland in Hong Kong Disneyland!!!!
Me: Hmm, okay. But anak, kailangan natin mag-save, that's expensive eh (but I was wondering san niya kaya nakuha ang idea na ito)
A few days later, JJ and I were in our bedroom and Lucas came in shouting...
Lucas: Mom, Dad. Come on... Come here.. Toy Storyland!!
We went in the living room and he showed us Toy Storyland. Aba, commercial pala sa Disney Channel. Open na daw ang Toy Storyland in Hong Kong Disneyland....
*Feeling ata ng anak ko parang gala lang sa Glorietta yun...

Royal Barbies

To commemorate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first wedding anniversary, Mattel is coming up with a William and Catherine Barbie and Ken dolls. It will be out in April and is priced at US$155.
I hear the details are amazing, with the doll even having Catherine's engagement ring.

Another royal Barbie-fied several times is Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.
In her beautiful wedding dress when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco

In the outfit she wore during the Cannes Film Festival where she first met Prince Rainier

Pictures from InStyle.com

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Caramel to Love

Garrett's Caramel Crisp Popcorn!!!
Open the bag...

Just out of the bag and the smell was just amazing! 

*sigh* Just caramel goodness in every bite

Other flavors:
They also have Plain and Spicy Cheese Corn flavors

Diet? what diet? ;-P

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Guess who's included in the list of Qualified Examinees...


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

7 Working Days 'Til We Know

Lucas will turn four (4) years old in August. It means that we MUST enroll him to Nursery Class this coming school year. The hunt for a preschool began late last year and well, we sort of decided where we want him to go.

We submitted the requirements last weekend (with Lucas thinking that he IS going to school that day. He was kinda disappointed when we trooped to the car after showing him the preschool area) and his entrance test/interview was scheduled today.

No parents were allowed inside the testing area and I was a little nervous, thinking he might refuse to go inside without me or his daddy in tow. I was pleasantly surprised when he went with the Teacher who called the kids inside to begin the "test". While waiting, JJ tried to listen to what's going on inside and he came back reporting that he heard several "Lucas" and "Let's see who's behaving/ sitting down properly" from the test administrator. Oh dear.

After about forty minutes, the doors opened with Teacher ushering the kids outside (there were three of them who took the "test"). Lucas came out smiling (which I hope is a good sign) while presenting me with his test permit with a writing that says "results will be out after seven working days".

It will be a long week.... we are just hoping that our little boy made the cut. This experience left me wondering whether parents these days (us included) are putting too much pressure on our kids and ourselves! particularly when it comes to school and learning. Hmm, are we????