Sunday, July 22, 2012

Arts and Crafts

Since we minimized Lucas's TV time, it was imperative that we give him something else to do. Lola E started with watercolor painting which Lucas enjoyed. After a few days, I searched the net and inquired from fellow N@wies on the best sites for arts and crafts apt for preschoolers. I got a lot of good sites (Thanks Clarice!) and I'll definitely try the activities I found one of these days.

At the moment, we are working on alphabet crafts. I found a lot of good ideas from Here are the letters that Lucas did last week:

A = Alligator
B = Bee
C = Carrot
D = Dragon

Lucas had fun doing the letters and now looks forward to his "Arts and Crafts" sessions with Lola E. Last Saturday, when we went out and dropped by National Bookstore to buy more stuff for his afternoon activities, he was very excited and kept on getting glitters and colored pencils :-) Earlier today, he requested that we make a robot.

Lucas and his masterpiece for the day

Looking forward to more of your artworks sweetie pie :)

Thank you Lola for patiently teaching Lucas :)