Wednesday, October 8, 2008

coffee break ver. 1.39

Coffeebreak from Jan.

Quite controversial.

To answer the question, I honestly do not think so. Most are calling this move "sneaky". However, Justice Secretary Gonzalez is saying that there is a basis for Teehankee's release. But one article on GMANews.TV says otherwise and I quote:
Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez defended Teehankee’s pardon, saying it underwent the proper procedure.“Strictly speaking, the grant of a clemency is the judgment call of the President. Whether there is basis or not, (it) makes no difference. But in this particular case, we have enough basis," he said.
State Prosecutor Dennis Villa-Ignacio, on the other hand, said the granting of executive clemency on Teehankee violated at least two sections in the Amended Guidelines for Recommending Executive Clemency that Gonzalez himself signed in March 2006. He said section 10 of the guidelines states that all the concerned parties in the case, particularly the convicting trial judge, the prosecutor’s office, and the offended party, should be duly consulted on the possible granting of pardon on a convict. Villa-Ignacio also noted that section 11 states that names of the convicts being considered for executive clemency should be published first in national newspapers. “You formulate your own rules then you (did) not comply with the same, so what’s the use of coming out with guidelines?" he said.

Now, isn't that fishy? Hubert is probably packing his bags as you read this...

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