Tuesday, September 9, 2008

on Lucas, etc.

My baby turned three weeks old last Friday and he seems to have grown quite a lot. Gone was the dainty infant I was afraid to hold the first time and in his place is this chubby-cheeked angel who looks like he's more than a month old. The clothes that engulfed him the first week are now "body-fit" shirts :-) Time flies and I wonder how I'd feel in five weeks time when I have to leave him to work. Hay :-(

I have a post regarding our little bed purchase months ago. To date, Lucas' little bed has not been slept in. Lucas tried it for a few minutes and we noticed that our little boy seemed irritated as he'd hit the bed's sides whenever he stretched his arms (something he loves to do). A few minutes after we had him settled in the bed, he started whining and he immediately stopped when we got him out of it. Buti na lang the one we purchased was not that expensive. These days, Lucas sleeps in his playpen since we noticed days ago that he doesn't want to sleep with us anymore (he sleeps longer in his playpen).

I am also successful in breastfeeding him (yey! big thanks to ate mai for all her advice and the booklet she gave me a few months back). It also pays that hubby supports me in this endeavor (taga-hanap ng storage bags, taga-kuha ng pump when needed, etc.). Though thrice ata siya nakainom ng formula. Mostly on his first week since my "supply" came in late and once when I had my follow-up check-up and nakalimutan namin yung expressed milk niya sa ref (my bad). I am now looking into increasing my supply para I can start storing na for the time when I have to work na ulit.

His sleeping pattern is weird (what did I expect ba? that he'd sleep through the night? Ha!) so I am lucky if I'd get 5 hours of sleep in a day (kahit installment). Good thing may US Open so whenever I have to feed Lucas and burp him afterwards, may pinapanood ako in the wee hours of the morning. Suwerte rin that usually Lucas cries lang if he's hungry, he's wet, minsan pag pinapaliguan ko siya and gutom siya and when he feels cold. Sana ganito lang parati.

Random pics from last week.

Nope, we aren't advocating the British 50's style of child-rearing, brownout lang one day last week and mas mahangin sa labas so we took Lucas and his playpen out.

Lucas with my sister Chissa, Daddypops and my cousin Jon (visiting us from Florida).

My baby has rashes on his cheeks. Mommy cannot help but kiss him on the cheeks sometimes kasi. But since the rashes appeared, mommy has to be content with kissing baby's tummy area.

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Tinggay said...

hi chie! my baby has rashes or things that look like pimples din sa cheeks niya, though di namin siya kini kiss sa face (bawal daw sabi ng husband ko LOL), what did you do to make it go aawy?