Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yup, new look for my blog. Siempre, nakita ko kay Ann and I cannot help but check the available designs. Daming nice templates and it took a while for me to settle with this one.

I am on the 6th week of my maternity leave already (wahhh, lapit na ko balik work). Lucas and I have established a daily pattern already (sort of) and my baby usually wakes up 2 to 3 times between 11PM to 6AM. I am getting longer sleep these days. (yipee!)

Again, it hasn't been all rosy and there were pretty tiring times but all the difficulties seem trivial whenever Lucas prefers my "hele" over everyone else's (probably loves the "soft" me with all the fat that I am yet to lose) and whenever my baby boy giggles and coo at me. It is also scary as everyone believes that I can make him stop crying no matter what and somehow, I seem to be able to do so. I am amazed at how most of the time I am right in identifying the cause for his discomfort/ displeasure.

He's grown a lot and we no longer think that he's fragile. Oh dear, wala na nga leeg ang baby ko dahil tumaba na talaga siya :-) My only issue now is the fact that his eyes still have a little yellowish tint in them. Di ko siya masyado nasu-sunbathe in the mornings due to the weather (sunod sunod bagyo and ulan nang ulan). I am not sure if that is the cause for it but I am gonna take it up with his pedia this Friday. Lucas is also up for his 6-in-1 vaccine (hepB2, polio, etc.) this week and I hope hindi ulit siya lagnatin like the first time.

And now I would like to leave you with one of my boy's "awww cutie pie" pictures :-)

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