Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our 11th Year

I still cannot believe that it's been eleven years since that I-Still-Know-What-You-Did-Last-Summer movie date :-)

Happy 11th Year JJ. Lucas and I are lucky to have you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Walking Post-it

I just looked the other way for seconds and when I looked back at him, here's what he's doing. Transforming himself into a bulletin board to remind me of my to-dos :-)

Mom might forget something....
.. so I better transfer it here where she can't miss it.

The joys of motherhood :-)

Sure sign that Daddy loves Lucas much much

JJ lets him play with his precious Magic cards. Well, the expensive ones he places in hard plastic covers so Lucas won't damage them.
Does this booster pack have good cards daddy?
Hmm, which one to play with next?

Sorry daddy. Crap rare!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lucas and Koko

How to eat cereals?

Step 1: Smile and thank Mommy for preparing Koko (his term for Milo cereals)
Step 2: Pick one.
Step 3: Put inside your mouth.
Step 4: A little playing won't hurt (as long Mom doesn't capture it on cam :-) )
Step 5: Repeat step 2 until Koko is gone.
Step 6: Finish it off with Yakult!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I love frozen yogurt

Fro-Yo is clearly my "thing" for now. I just have to have it! (I know, OA. But really). Here's my review of the brands that I've tried.

Lulu and Belle is not "it" for me. I find it too creamy and expensive. Actually, the price of the yogurt is the same as most brands but its their toppings price that turned me off. I'd be getting three toppings for the price of theirs. I honestly do not see myself going back at their stores anytime soon.

Tutti Frutti. This one I find not creamy enough. The texture is much lighter for my liking. Though the tangy taste is there, it doesn't make up for the lack of creaminess. What I love about Tutti Frutti is the fact that I can have different flavors at a time. I tried their Chocolate/Plain flavor and I find it okay. Just a little expensive at P20/ oz.

White Hat on the other hand is too creamy for me. I was looking for the tangy taste and I cannot find it. At first I thought it was because I chose blueberry preserve as one of my toppings and it kinda affected the taste. But when I got to the yogurt only part, the taste is still the same. I was happy with it because I got one order for free (Thanks to my BDJ planner). I will try it again but I am not sure how soon. Probably when I am someplace where it's the only Fro-Yo choice.

Yoh-gurt Froz is by far my favorite :-) We just love the yogurt-mangoes-granola clusters-cheesecake combination. Simply heavenly. The yogurt is just perfect for me. Tangy and not too creamy.
My second favorite is SM's Yoghurt-to-Go. Value for money. Just P60 for a small cup with one topping. And the taste of the yogurt is almost identical to Yoh-gurt Froz! I almost always buy a cup whenever I drop by SM Makati.
Next in our list are Red Mango and Golden Spoon :-) Wonder if I'd change my fave brand after trying these two. What do you think?

Heart's Day

Our little boy was scheduled for a check-up last February 13. After his visit to his pedia, (well-baby, thank heavens!) JJ and I decided to have our "valentine's date" lunch. We were out of the house already so we might as well enjoy our day out. We decided to try Fish and Co. at ATC. We ordered their famous Fish and Chips and a spaghetti dish (name of which I forgot). From the fact that I forgot its name, you will conclude that the pasta dish wasn't stellar. But it was not bad. Just okay, not something you will crave for. Their fish and chips is an altogether different matter. It. is. just. so. delicious. The thin outerlayer is so crispy and the fish inside, oh so soft. It melts in your mouth! I think I let out an "Ohhh" after the first bite :-) Even our little picky eater loved it. He was telling me "pis..." and signing food non-stop. We'd definitely go back for the Fish and Chips again.

Photo from

V-day itself was spent at my parents house where we had lunch. After our visit, we went to ATC again for dinner. Restaurants were at full capacity. We decided to have dinner at Pancake House (hubby had a minor temper flare as the waiters didn't have a clear system on waitlisting). Our little boy was unusually bratty that night which resulted to me and JJ taking turns on entertaining him outside the restaurant (Oh the joys of parenthood :-) ). Yeah, a V-day date where we both ate alone. Haha :-) But no complains there. It's the fact that we celebrated it as a family that is most important anyway.
Hope you guys had a nice valentine's day too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mangga at Bagoong

I've been craving for these since lunch time. There was a display of several green-with-a-little-yellow mangoes on the counter. I asked the cashier how much and lo and behold it was at P40 per piece. Wow! Highway robbery. Those mangoes never left my mind and I've been contemplating whether I should just give in and buy. But the "kurips" in me prevailed. I will just buy a few at SM after work and then indulge my craving at home.
Hay. Can't wait.
*Photo from

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Close call

This morning, we were driving along C-5 when all of a sudden several cars ahead of us stopped. I was initially thinking that the car will stop in time (as it usually does) but my mind suddenly calculated our speed and the distance, it all clicked. We will hit the car in front, for sure! Good thing JJ was calm enough to maneuver the car hard to the left towards the island. Moments after the car came to a full stop, I gave a huge sigh of relief. We were safe and it looks like we didn't hit the car in front of us. JJ immediately got out of the car to find out what happened and saw that we actually grazed the other car. We were really just aftereffects of the incident in front of us and good thing the police were there immediately after the accident. The police looked at our cars and told JJ and the other driver that given that the damage is relatively small, he'd rather that we talk about it than file a report. He said that the effort is not worth the cost of the scratches the cars sustained. Minor scratches really. JJ and the other driver settled and we were on our way to work again in a short while. I was still shaken as we stopped by the nearest gas station to inspect the car.

Apparently, a "kariton" full of bananas was crossing the street (yes! crossing C5!) when it was hit by a motorcycle. Bananas covered portions of the road and one car (probably discomfited by the site or was afraid that the bananas made the road slippery) suddenly hit the brakes. The car next to it (an Altis) swerved to the left and hit the brakes hard causing the Civic in front of us to hit the brakes as well.

JJ and I rarely bring a car to the office, usually just once or twice a month. This morning was one of those rare occasions. Next time, we'll probably think twice, thrice before we bring a car again. Hay. Nakaka-trauma! But then accidents do happen and I guess we're also lucky that no one got hurt. We just have to be more careful next time. 40 kph na lang sa C5 :-)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our 17-Month Old

Lucas will be 18 months in a few days and again, I wonder, where did the days go? I look at my son now and I marvel at how different he is from the 7lbs. little boy I gave birth to in August '08.

Toddler tidbits

  • "NO" is now his favorite word. He knows when to use it and he says it while shaking his head. Leaving whoever he is talking to with no doubt that he doesn't want to do what he is being asked to do.

  • He loves cream-based pasta sauces, soups, suman and bibingka. He hates meat that's why we ingest protein in his diet by feeding him taho, which he also likes.

  • Whenever we see a Jollibee foodstore, he signs "eat/ food" and then wails if we drive past it. He eventually settles down until the next Jollibee branch :-)

  • He loves watching Barney, Dora and Sesame Street DVDs. There are mornings when right after waking up he'd blurt out "Barn!, making me and JJ laugh and shake our heads.

  • He still signs. To date, he can sign: airplane (he has his own version), drink (signing while saying "ju"), milk, more, eat/food, quiet, mama, thank you, change nappy (which he knows how to use already. he signs after he poops!), no more, shoes

  • He says the following words: Mama (though he also calls JJ Mama which we have been trying to correct for weeks now), Lolo (oh so loud and clear! and he calls both his gramps Lolo), Ju for juice, A-po for apple, Bu for book, Babu- bubbles, Babu- for Jollibee (we don't know why!), Bob-bob for Spongebob, Barn/Bar-yi for Barney, Do/ Dowa for Dora, Gogogo-when he wants to ride the car, Yumyum for food and of course, his favorite word, No.

  • He loves playing with his cousins and other children. I also noticed that he'd go where he sees kids and then he'll pretend that he's part of the group. He will laugh when they laugh, etc.

As for me, we're still breastfeeding :-) I still pump in the office but given that Lucas is already mixed-fed as I cannot pump what he takes in when I am at work, I am more relaxed in my pumping schedule. I also found out that I have an acrobatic son as he loves to nurse in these weird positions, which never fails to amuse me or make me sigh.

That's it for now :-)

My little angel right after Eugene and Innah's wedding, crashing the walk-in closet at their hotel room. Yes, that's a shoe box he's sitting on :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010

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