Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's the little things that count...

My husband has always been vocal about him not being the sweet and showy kind of guy. But then, every once in a while, he does things that make me wonder if what he often say is true. For instance, I was having a really bad morning with the heat and all the none-too-pleasant things that come with a bus-less morning. I eventually got a ride and when I reached Ayala Avenue, I was rushing as the office shuttle is scheduled to leave the waiting area in a few minutes. Suddenly, an arm yanks mine and I look up to JJ’s smiling, sweaty, sleepy-from-the-night-shift face. He holds up a bag with a raisin bread and tells me “Bakit di mo sinasagot phone mo? Kanina pa ko tawag ng tawag sayo. Binilhan kita ng bread oh, for your meryenda.” Dazed, I just smile and get the bread and he kisses me goodbye and sends me off to the waiting area. As I was crossing McKinley Avenue, I cannot stop smiling. As in ear-to-ear smile. It was such a nice surprise.

So, tell me? Hindi ba siya sweet? :-)

Monday, April 28, 2008

On Credit Cards

JJ and I were out shopping in SM Makati last Friday. We paid using a credit card and much to our surprise, the cashier asked for JJ's ID before swiping. She said "Sorry maam, sir. Nakalagay po kasi dito sa card ninyo, 'please ask for ID'." Oh my, I could've kissed her. I was pleasantly suprised because it was only the second time it happened to us. (Yeah, imagine my reaction the first time we were asked to show an ID card :-P) It's been a while na rin kasi and the cashiers usually do not pay attention to the instruction written at the back of the card. Sa dami kasi ng credit card fraud incidents these days, nakakatakot and we felt that we have to do something to somehow prevent it. But then, usually no effect pa rin so we have to be extra careful with those plastics. Better to lose cash than lose a credit card.

Hay, hopefully there'd be more cashiers like the ones we encountered in Toytown (Festival Mall) and SM Makati :-)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

22 weeks :-)

The other week was a crazy week for me and it obviously showed as I haven’t updated this site for two weeks now. But school’s finally over and I say that with a sigh of relief and happiness. No more paper! No more exams! (Well, at least, until I give birth in August).

I’m 22 weeks pregnant already. The past 16 weeks (since we found out we’re gonna be parents) has been one ride for me and JJ. From the spotting issues, to my losing weight during my first trimester to now feeling our baby’s thumps and kicks. Every experience has truly been amazing and we cannot help but feel blessed every time we cross a milestone.
Now that I am past the halfway mark already, the changes are a lot:

  • It was my and hubby’s decision to continue taking Metformin until the first half of my pregnancy. I had my last tab on week 20.

  • Since the spotting episodes have stopped (going three weeks now and hopefully, it won’t happen again), I also stopped taking Duvadilan. So, it’s just me and plain-old Clusivol OB.

  • I am having a little difficulty shifting from one position to another these days lalo na when sleeping. And naku, I do not know where to put my arms during mass. Haha :-) Before kasi I fold my arms across my upper tummy area. Kaya lang now, I cannot breathe na whenever I do that. Kaya rin siguro pregnant women always rub or touch their tummy (kasi nga nowhere else to place their hands).

  • I feel baby’s movements regularly na these days and I feel harder thumps now. Baby’s probably growing. JJ also felt / seen baby’s movements already. Ayan tuloy, konting “Ah ah baby” ko lang, nakahipo na agad yan sa tummy ko to feel baby’s movements :-)

  • I look pregnant. Hindi na lang sa damit na suot ko. I often tell people in the office nga na hindi na kaya ng stomach-in itago si baby.

  • I eat a lot these days. My appetite is back in full force. Di na ako maarte kumain and I am guessing that the scale is gonna do all the talking sa susunod namin na visit kay OB. But ok lang, so far naman 3 lbs pa lang na-gain ko. And sabi ko nga kay JJ, magsa-salad na lang ako lagi from month 7. Hehe :-P

  • JJ will be the one to cut my toenails from now on (unless I have a pedicure in a salon). The last time I tried, I was really sweaty from all the positions I had to take just to complete the task (Hirap pala to find a comfy position with your tummy out in front of you. But ok lang, no complains :-) realization lang.)

Hubby and I also attended the “Simply Maternal” seminar sponsored by Asian Hospital. The first session was held this morning. It was short but informative. Of course, they marketed AHMC’s OB-facilities (really nice but of course, it comes with a price). They also showed what would generally happen if you have your baby via normal delivery or via CS. The different types of anesthesia were also discussed. The open forums were also helpful as the lecturers were able to answer each query. At least now I kinda have an idea what to expect. The last session will be held next Saturday and it will be about post-pregnancy stuff like the screening tests for baby, breastfeeding and I heard that they will be teaching daddies stuff like how to swaddle-wrap babies, etc. (No excuse na si hubby when baby comes out :-) ).Freebies we got from the seminar :-)

We still do not know baby’s gender yet. My last ultrasound kasi nakadapa si baby so we weren’t able to take a peek. According to the sonologist, probably next month we’ll find out na. But baby’s spine is so defined na and we saw baby’s fingers. Thankfully, everything is ok and baby’s just the right size.

Time starts to fly now and JJ and I are joking that baka mamaya before we know it, we’re in labor na. Pero marami pa stuff to do. We haven’t even started shopping yet. We’ll do that in a month’s time siguro. Right now, I am just collating all the checklists I see online. And of course, I’d rather shop after finding out if baby’s gonna be a boy or a girl.

I’d probably blog about it the minute I find out baby’s gender. Hopefully we’ll know soon :-D

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby thumps mommy....

Before I get really busy finishing my term paper and reviewing for my finals tomorrow, I just want to share another mommy-to-be experience.

I was reading stuff for my term paper last night while baby's listening to the three songs I mentioned in my last post. 2 - 3 minutes into baby's listening session, I felt continuous thumps from my tummy. The first ones I didn't really pay attention to as they happen regularly these days. But all of a sudden the thumps got harder, not naman painful but it will make you stop whatever you're doing at the moment. I stopped reading and looked at my tummy. Hala! My tummy is sort of waving whenever baby gives me the thump. Scary (as if may alien inside me. true nga what they say) but really fun to watch at the same time. I am just telling baby not to thump mommy too hard. I immediately called hubby (who was on shift last night) and told him about it. Instead of being put to sleep, the music makes baby dance ata eh :-) After a while baby calmed down naman.

Every new experience makes me more excited to see baby na. And baby's more real to me these days as he/she keeps giving me those thumps every once in a while. There's really this person growing inside me.

That's it for now. Wish me luck for my finals tomorrow :-)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What happened to you BB????

I was in the restroom in our office when I noticed something different in my tummy. I pulled up my top a little, cooed hi’s and hello’s to my baby, checked for stretchmarks (none yet J), checked how I looked sideways, ikot ulit, hi! linea negra (getting more prominent), oh! hi belly button. Wait, that’s MY belly button????? What happened????

Ok, I might be overreacting but I was really shocked at how my belly button looked. Mine was what one calls an “innie” belly button. I haven’t seen my belly button for quite some time now as I can’t bend too much nowadays. When I got home, I asked hubby if he noticed how my belly button changed. And he told me “ Oo, kaya nga I asked you the other day kung talaga bang nag-iiba yung belly button.” Ahhh, I remember. Oo nga pala. Anyways, I searched online and here’s the info that I got from: http://www.plasticsurgery4u.com/belly_button/belly_button_pregnancy.htm (o di ba plastic surgery site pa ito. But no, I have no plans of having plastic surgery after birth J )

" The belly button is the scar of the connection of the umbilical cord. The deepest part of the belly button is tethered to the abdominal wall fascia. The shape of the belly button is from the overlying fat and skin with the deep attachment holding the typical "innie" shape. With the distension of the belly of pregnancy, the abdominal wall pushes out. This can change the shape of the belly button, for some more shallow and for others, "pop out." Some women have told Dr. Bermant that they feel like a turkey, and their belly buttons like the pop up temperature button. One pregnant woman even asked if that meant her baby was ready for delivery! Sorry, belly button changes during pregnancy is not related to the timing of the delivery.

In a distended stomach, the belly button expands. The belly button diameter is bigger. Belly button thicker walls become thinner. The umbilicus central depressed area spreads out. It is distorted like a feature of a balloon during inflation.

A stretched belly can also exacerbate an umbilical hernia. Belly button pain and changes with coughing can be signs of an umbilical hernia. Such issues should be checked with your doctor.

The change in tissue tension during pregnancy can make an "innie" belly button into an "outie."