Friday, April 30, 2010

Weight Management

Our company launched its latest wellness program via the Weight Management Program. In the said program, all employees must have body composition analysis with the use of the InBody Body Composition Analyser. The sample results sheet looks like this...

A. Body Composition
                                   My Values             Normal Range (given my height of 5'6")
Weight                      148.4 lbs.               110.5 ~ 149.6
Muscle Mass              53.4 lbs.                 49.6 ~ 60.6
Body Fat Mass           50.5 lbs.                  26.0 ~ 41.6 (EEEKKKKK!!!)

B. Obesity Diagnosis
                                    My Values             Normal Range
Body Mass Index          24.0                     18.5 ~ 25 (Oh my, isang donut na lang overweight na!)
Percent Body Fat          34                        18.0 ~ 28
Waist Hip Ratio            0.82                     0.70 ~ 0.80
Body Metabolic Rate   1329                    1377 ~ 1601

C. Muscle Fat Control
Muscle Control   + 2.2 lbs
Fat Control           - 20.5 lbs

FITNESS SCORE: 70 (passing score is 75)


What I am doing so far.....

I've been attending the aerobics class every Tuesday for about a month now. But since it's volleyball and badminton season once again (our office holds inter-company tourneys), I'd have to let go of that. After the tourneys, apart from the aero class, I plan to attend the dance class as well and continue my weight training program after aero/dance classes.

I've also been lifting weights at home. But I only get to do it like once a week. I guess I would have to do it more frequently from now on.

I am also trying to stay away from junk food. I had minor relapses but I made it a point not to purchase chips and similar items when we do grocery shopping. I also buy lots of yogurt and put them in the freezer. I substitute frozen yogurt to ice cream but I do give in and enjoy a cup once in a while.

One thing I am so reluctant to give up is my coffee fix. This coffee "addiction" started only last year. Now, I cannot let a day pass without enjoying a cup or two. It also doesn't help that our office pantry serves really good brewed coffee. The thing is, I don't enjoy black coffee with sugar. It has to be Cafe Mocha. Yup, with creamer, Milo or Ovaltine and muscovado sugar. So, I can imagine the extra calories this fix of mine brings me. But I know I have to limit it to one cup a day at least. I will start next week by substituting a cup of green tea to my morning coffee.

It's not that I want to have a bikini-worthy body (though I wouldn't mind having that. haha!). I just miss wearing my old clothes and I just want to feel confident wearing body-hugging tops once again.

Target weight loss is 18lbs.

Wish me luck! 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good for you Sandra!

I am an avid reader. This cover page is one of the site's headlines for today.

I cannot imagine how she must have felt when all the rumors about her husband's infidelity surfaced. It must have been terrible. I pray that women like her (and Elin Nordegren) will find the strength to move on and have peace of mind.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gracias Dora

We let Lucas watch TV (our bad, I know) and one of his favorite shows is Dora the Explorer. I know she's a girl and my toddler is a boy but I really like it because he learns a lot of new words from the show. He often repeats after Dora and Map, he sings when the mission is accomplished, he shouts "Map!" or "Backpack!" before Dora asks "Who do we ask if we don't know which way to go?" or "Say backpack, say backpack" and he says "Oh Men" when he sees Swiper the Fox.

Last Sunday, we were at my parent's house. JJ was taking a nap in the bedroom near the living room where we were all watching TV. I noticed Lucas walk near the closed bedroom door but did not pay that much attention to him. Suddenly, my mom said, "Oh, buksan ninyo yung pinto ng kuwarto. Abre daw sabi ni Lucas". I said, "Ano yun Ma? Abre?". And my mom was like,"Oo, abre. Di ba open yun in Spanish?". And we all looked at my son again. Indeed, he was saying "Abre! Abre!". Haha :-) I don't know if he expects the door to open automatically when he says "Abre!" (that's what happens in Dora's episodes) but I was just so amazed that he can grasp the concept already and use what he picked up from the show in real life.

And for that, a big thanks to Dora :-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lucas @ 20 Months

Lucas is our little boy kulit. We all rue the day when he discovered that "NO" is not exclusive for the grown-ups' use. Typical household scenarios:

Ate Mariel: Lucas, let's eat na...
Lucas: No! (running to his lolo's room)
Before bath time
Mommy: Lucas, we cannot take your car in the banyo. Masisira yan anak when it gets wet.
Lucas: No, no, no (tightly holding on to the toy)
After the bath
Mommy: Lucas, let's go na. It's time to say bye to the mirror na (it is our ritual to say goodbye to the bathroom mirror since he was 9 months old)
Lucas: (playing with the water pa) No (with matching shake of the head pa)
We just use DISTRACTION to win the battle.

During our Kindermusik trial class with Teacher Marah. It wasn't that successful. As you can see here, he wasn't keen on listening and just participated when it was play time.

Trying on Tito Daniel's goggles

Left: Mommy's Drawing - Right: Daddy's drawing
Mommy: Lucas what's this? (pointing to the red apple. yes, that's an apple)
Lucas: *silent* with a blank look on his face after looking at the picture
Daddy: Lucas what's this? (JJ wasn't even halfway done)
Lucas: Car!
Daddy: Lucas, what's this? (pointing to the train while still finishing it)
Lucas: Choo choo!
Hay. I have no talent for drawing talaga :-)

Our little cutie pie :-)

@ Chelsea

The Amici dinner was just a preview of better things to come. Thursday night, Chissa took us to Chelsea in Serendra for dinner, the "main event". Supposedly, we were going to meet up in Cibo at Glorietta. But we have to revise the plan given that our office volleyball tourney started that same day. So, it was decided that we will just have dinner in Serendra as it is quite near my office.

It was my first time to eat there and I must say it didn't disappoint.

Grilled Halibut Gratinee

Fish and Chips

Five Cheese Pizza

Baked Herbed Chicken and Spinach Gorgonzola Rigatoni

I loved the pasta and the pizza. I like Fish and Co.'s Fish and Chips more though :-) 

The financier :-)
Me and Tita By: the freeloaders
Tres Marias

After sharing a slice of the Nutella Dome Cake, we decided to take a walk and headed off to High Street.

We capped the night with an attempt to eat healthy (keyword: attempt!)

Until the next food trip Cheese and Tita By. Soon ha?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bye Tim!

And they are down to 6.

Still hoping Lee makes it to Finals.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nadal wins Monte Carlo Masters

... and made history!

The Monte-Carlo final was an all Spanish affair as Rafa took on #12 Fernando Verdasco. Both players were trying to do something for the first time: Rafa would become the first player in the open era to ever win a tournament 6 times in a row; Verdasco was trying to beat Rafa for the first time ever and win his first Master Serious title. After Verdasco’s trouncing of Djokovic yesterday, we were all expecting a tough match today, but it wasn’t to be. Be it Verdasco’s nerves (including his troublesome sciatic one) or just the awesomeness that is Rafa on clay, the match had a blow-out score line: 6-0, 6-1. Verdasco wasn’t playing horribly, but Rafa was just that much better. He’s made history.
Hopefully he'll play as well in Roland Garros. Can't wait!
But then I just read moments ago that he withdrew from the Barcelona tourney. I am really hoping that this is something precautionary.

Friday, April 16, 2010

HSBC = Free Coffee

Don't you just love instant gratification? :-)

Amici date with Chissa

Hay, the perks of having a galante sister :-)

At last, "grace" came and with it, the promised Amici dinner. Last night, my sister and I had bonding time/ dinner at Amici in Megamall. We had carbonara, seafood pasta and four-cheese pizza. The pizza is just so YUMMY! I had 3 slices in a span of 10 minutes! We both didn't have our cameras with us so I will just borrow pics from the net to show you our dinner delight.
*Above is a slice of Banana blast. Sadly, it was not available last night.

After dinner, gelato at Cara Mia is simply a MUST! I ordered Tiramisu, Chissa got Mango Jubilee (delish!) and we got a slice of Mixed Berries ice cream cake to share. Sugar overload!
Mixed Berries from shootfirsteatlater. (Click at the link to see her Amici review and several oh-so-mouthwatering gelati from Cara Mia)

To say that last night was fun is an understatement. We just missed MOM :( We'll take her na lang to Amici when it opens in ATC late this month.

Cheese, thanks thanks for last night. Sa uulitin! Lab lab....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trek Date

My Tito Boy's been inviting me to visit Mt. Pinatubo for a few years now. The first time, I really couldn't as I was pregnant with Lucas. Chissa was able to trek to the crater back in 2008 and only had raves about the experience. With a less-than-a-year old baby, we also weren't able to find time for it in 2009.

Fast forward to 2010. While discussing the summer holidays, JJ asked me what I wanted to do. I thought of Pinatubo and told him I'd want to see the crater but never really made concrete plans for it to push through. But I thought of either going there during the Holy Week or the weekend after. Then my sister-in-law, Eunice, went on a day trip and I saw her pictures. The next thing, I was on the phone with my uncle making plans for our day trip :-)
APRIL 9, 2010
A little past 3:00AM - JJ and I left home (takas is really more like it. we decided not to take Lucas with us and I was afraid that he'd wake up while we're leaving the house and throw a fit. good thing he was in deep slumber and didn't even budge while we were dressing up).
A little before 4:00AM - We stopped by Shell in NLEX to have breakfast. Yup, that fast :-)

A little before 6AM, we were already at my Tito Boy and Tita Susan's house. They live in Barangay O'Donnell, one of the barangays that tourists will pass by from Capas town proper. We had coffee, I pumped milk and then we're good to go.

We initially passed by lahar beds and it wasn't that bumpy a ride. Then we headed off to the mountain and the adventure began.

The lahar bed we passed by. According to my Tito, this is the original trail going to the crater. You would have to follow the river. It used to take hours.

After more than an hour aboard the 4x4 vehicle and about 25 minutes of easy trek, we finally saw the beautiful crater.

Of course, we couldn't resist taking one tourist shot after another.

This boat will take you to the other side of the crater where the ground is hot, making parts of the lake warm.

We loved swimming here. The mix of warm and cool water felt really nice.
Thank you Tito Boy being our official photographer and sponsor :-)

With my Tito Boy :-)

All packed up
The wonderful crater. Taken while going up the viewdeck area (going up the stairs from the actual crater is honestly the most difficult part of the trip).

The municipality charges for trips to the crater.  If I heard right, they extended the roads and made them passable (via 4x4 vehicles) to shorten the actual hike/ trek and in effect, make it accessible to more tourists (specially those who aren't regular mountaineers).

Taken near the Aeta settlement. Bilib ako sa nakatira in this village. Imagine the long walk whenever they have to go to town.

The road on the right side is the start of the bumpy ride :-)

Overall, it was a great, great day. We had fun and it was also a chance to visit my Tito Boy and Tita San who I haven't seen in months. We missed Lucas, yes, but it would have been a difficult trip for all of us if we brought him along. Babawi na lang kami sa kanya this June :-)

To Tito Boy and Tita Susan, thank thank you for the wonderful day.


We capped our trek date by having merienda at Razon's in NLEX.


Hubby enjoying the P60 Razon's halohalo. Here in Manila, P85 na ata ito.

For those interested to take a day trip, check out this website:
Or you can call / text Roland de Jesus at 0916-5981684 for inquiries.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our little dot

I was talking to my good friend Sheryl over GTalk, discussing her pregnancy when I thought about our little boy's ultrasound snapshots. I had several because I had minor spotting in my first trimester.

Our first meeting @ 6 weeks
Second meeting @ 10 weeks

We had at least 2 more scans before the next pic.

I think I was on my 26th week when we had the congenital anomaly scan.

Talking to an excited mom-to-be made me remember how JJ and I felt as soon-to-be parents then. It was a magical time. Then he came out...

... and it was love at first sight.

Hopefully, we'll travel the same road again. In time, I guess.

To all my preggo friends/ co-n@wies, here's to a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I don't like Crystal....

... she doesn't take criticisms too well. She somehow has an air of conceit. At least, that's how I perceive her. But, she shouldn't care what I think. It's not as if I can vote for her.
I like Lee and Katie (for some reason!) :-)
Wonder what the show will be like next season with Cowell gone?