Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 28th!

Happy 28th birthday hun :-) Here's to celebrating many, many more birthdays with us. We love you daddy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is me today...

Thanks to Sujee for the tag :-)

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Today I am......
----> at peace. Lucas had his monthly check-up yesterday and everything is okay according to his pedia. His jaundice is due to my breastfeeding him :-)
----> relaxed. After his check-up yesterday, we went to the mall to buy his outfit for Sunday. We window-shopped na rin. I guess there's something about malling that somehow recharged me.
----> thinking about an investment for Lucas' education. We met with an agent yesterday and we're now looking at the options available to us.
----> in bad need of a haircut. I guess I'd have to attend to it one of these days. I am not putting it on my priority list since my hair is up on a ponytail all the time these days anyway. But it will be nice to have my tresses trimmed.
----> craving for Country Style's choco log.
----> excited to start with the new book I got last week.

Tagging everyone in my blogroll who have not completed this one yet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yup, new look for my blog. Siempre, nakita ko kay Ann and I cannot help but check the available designs. Daming nice templates and it took a while for me to settle with this one.

I am on the 6th week of my maternity leave already (wahhh, lapit na ko balik work). Lucas and I have established a daily pattern already (sort of) and my baby usually wakes up 2 to 3 times between 11PM to 6AM. I am getting longer sleep these days. (yipee!)

Again, it hasn't been all rosy and there were pretty tiring times but all the difficulties seem trivial whenever Lucas prefers my "hele" over everyone else's (probably loves the "soft" me with all the fat that I am yet to lose) and whenever my baby boy giggles and coo at me. It is also scary as everyone believes that I can make him stop crying no matter what and somehow, I seem to be able to do so. I am amazed at how most of the time I am right in identifying the cause for his discomfort/ displeasure.

He's grown a lot and we no longer think that he's fragile. Oh dear, wala na nga leeg ang baby ko dahil tumaba na talaga siya :-) My only issue now is the fact that his eyes still have a little yellowish tint in them. Di ko siya masyado nasu-sunbathe in the mornings due to the weather (sunod sunod bagyo and ulan nang ulan). I am not sure if that is the cause for it but I am gonna take it up with his pedia this Friday. Lucas is also up for his 6-in-1 vaccine (hepB2, polio, etc.) this week and I hope hindi ulit siya lagnatin like the first time.

And now I would like to leave you with one of my boy's "awww cutie pie" pictures :-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Propagating Friendship Award

Big thanks to Joanne for this award :-)Passing this award to: Jan, Sheryll and Ann .

Can't wait 'til the 28th...

Nope, it's not our anniversary. Nope, my birthday is on October pa (though JJ will celebrate his 28th on the 29th). Yup, it's our son's christening but there is one more reason why I am so looking forward to the 28th.

I've been following Formula 1 for a few years now and the race on the 28th is the first of its kind. Why? It will be a night race!
I would have taken JJ to watch the GP (it will be in Singapore so near lang) since birthday niya and it would have been something na the two of us would enjoy (that is kung naka-book ako ng flight, hotel and if I got f1 tickets. Heard from a classmate na late last year pa lang daw, pahirapan na) but since we have Lucas now, maybe next year na lang? :-) (so dapat pala now pa lang i am planning for it na. hmmm.).

Anyway, here's a preview of the circuit.

To those who will attend the GP, please say hi to Kimi for me :-)

coffee break ver. 1.36

From Jan :-)

I'd say Friends and Sex and the City. Though I am lucky that several channels still have the reruns (Velvet, Star). These two shows never failed to make me laugh. My two fave episodes: Brad Pitt as Will who hates Rachel (Thanksgiving) and the episode when Rachel and Ross were arguing about who seduced who :-)

I enjoyed the adventures of these ladies. Though yung last season lang ang napanood ko ng complete. I guess I should scout for DVDs of the earlier seasons para I can watch all episodes :-)

I also enjoyed FULL HOUSE (John Stamos, Olsen twins, etc.) and SAVED BY THE BELL (Mark Paul Gosselaar).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What makes me happy, what makes me sad...

Thanks to fellow n@wie Sheryll for this tag.

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1. my boys, JJ and Lucas

2. my mom's laughter

3. holidays

4. Toblerone

5. new book from my fave authors

1. thinking about my going back to work in a month's time

2. JJ on night shifts (wala kasi ako katulong with Lucas and baby is usually fussy during the wee hours of the day)

Tagging everyone in my blogroll who haven't done this yet :-)

Lucas' First

Lucas turned 1 month-old yesterday. Ang bilis bilis. Parang kailan lang when I gave birth to him.

I cooked three cheese pasta (recipe from Ate Michelle) and we bought a cake to celebrate his birthday. Tita Eunice even had a gift for our little boy.
Siempre JJ did not tell me na kasama ako sa pic so di ako nakatingin :-) Baby just fell asleep when we realized na wala pa siyang picture with his cake. So before laying him down sa bed, picture picture muna. And yes, I have to start losing weight na. I know, I know :-)

To baby Lucas, happy 1st month birthday sweetheart. We love you much much :-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wacky Weekend

This is overdue already. I got this tag from Jan (the week I gave birth) and this week from Sheryll. Mine is a wacky weekend that was. (wacky nga ba?).

Saturday. JJ and I finalized the reception venue for our boy's christening. We also dropped by Shopwise and Makro to scout for refrigerators where I'll stock milk for my baby. But most refs we saw had small freezers so it's back to the drawing board for us. My "product" is currently stored in the freezer inside my in-laws' room. Impractical kasi if we buy a big ref just for storing milk.
Sunday. We attended mass. Watched the first part of the Nadal/Murray US Open semis. Watched the Belgian GP (kaasar results though!).

on Lucas, etc.

My baby turned three weeks old last Friday and he seems to have grown quite a lot. Gone was the dainty infant I was afraid to hold the first time and in his place is this chubby-cheeked angel who looks like he's more than a month old. The clothes that engulfed him the first week are now "body-fit" shirts :-) Time flies and I wonder how I'd feel in five weeks time when I have to leave him to work. Hay :-(

I have a post regarding our little bed purchase months ago. To date, Lucas' little bed has not been slept in. Lucas tried it for a few minutes and we noticed that our little boy seemed irritated as he'd hit the bed's sides whenever he stretched his arms (something he loves to do). A few minutes after we had him settled in the bed, he started whining and he immediately stopped when we got him out of it. Buti na lang the one we purchased was not that expensive. These days, Lucas sleeps in his playpen since we noticed days ago that he doesn't want to sleep with us anymore (he sleeps longer in his playpen).

I am also successful in breastfeeding him (yey! big thanks to ate mai for all her advice and the booklet she gave me a few months back). It also pays that hubby supports me in this endeavor (taga-hanap ng storage bags, taga-kuha ng pump when needed, etc.). Though thrice ata siya nakainom ng formula. Mostly on his first week since my "supply" came in late and once when I had my follow-up check-up and nakalimutan namin yung expressed milk niya sa ref (my bad). I am now looking into increasing my supply para I can start storing na for the time when I have to work na ulit.

His sleeping pattern is weird (what did I expect ba? that he'd sleep through the night? Ha!) so I am lucky if I'd get 5 hours of sleep in a day (kahit installment). Good thing may US Open so whenever I have to feed Lucas and burp him afterwards, may pinapanood ako in the wee hours of the morning. Suwerte rin that usually Lucas cries lang if he's hungry, he's wet, minsan pag pinapaliguan ko siya and gutom siya and when he feels cold. Sana ganito lang parati.

Random pics from last week.

Nope, we aren't advocating the British 50's style of child-rearing, brownout lang one day last week and mas mahangin sa labas so we took Lucas and his playpen out.

Lucas with my sister Chissa, Daddypops and my cousin Jon (visiting us from Florida).

My baby has rashes on his cheeks. Mommy cannot help but kiss him on the cheeks sometimes kasi. But since the rashes appeared, mommy has to be content with kissing baby's tummy area.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jan's Coffee Break

The little boy is sleeping so I might as well seize the opportunity to take part in Jan's coffeebreak for the week.

What do I love most about Christmas?

Noche Buena with my family. Exchange gifts. Nice weather (I get to wear my jackets!). All that good food. Happy people (there's something about Christmas that lightens people's moods). Puto Bumbong. Shopping for Christmas gifts. Appreciation.

I bet Christmas will be much better for me and JJ this year as we have Lucas in our lives now. I cannot wait!