Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What we've been up to....

... nothing much really :-)

Baby Lucas was christened two weekends ago. JJ and I finalized everything in two days, I think (no official photographer, no invites, no giveaways... so do not be surprised if it took us 48 hours to finish everything. It was just a matter of choosing where to have the reception :-) ).
My realizations after the event:
  • It is not easy to be a host. As in. It was the first event that JJ and I hosted since our parents were basically the ones going around when we got married. Grabe pala. It was fun (true) but tiring :-) Siempre, we didn't want our guests to feel neglected so we have to go around. Like what one of my uncles said, you couldn't stay long in one table else you'd miss saying hi to your other guests.
  • Now we know why couples get an official photographer during these events.
  • RSVP sometimes work, but most of the time, it doesn't.
Lucas was asleep the whole time. He didn't even open his eyes when water was poured on his head.
I was supposed to go back to work last Monday (2 weeks early) but I had light bleeding Sunday so we decided to have myself checked the following day. My doctor said everything is okay and that I just have to monitor the bleeding. Either it's still lochia or if it is less than 7 days, my period. If it lasts more than 7 days, I should see her again ASAP. Good thing the bleeding stopped last night.

This coming Monday, I really have to go to work again as major activities in the project I am handling are set to begin. Hay, I'd have to leave Lucas na but then, that's life :-) I'll look forward to the long Christmas break na lang para I won't go back to work with a heavy heart.


Tinggay said...

congrats! share more pics! helpful itong post na ito since napapraning ako sa pag prepare for dwayne's baptism hehehe!

if you're going back to work, are you pumping/storing milk? or formula na si lucas?

jan celiz-magtoto said...

a bit sensitive topic this week but i hope you'll still participate.=) here's our coffee break http://labskiddies.blogspot.com/2008/10/coffee-break-ver-139.html