Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can't wait 'til the 28th...

Nope, it's not our anniversary. Nope, my birthday is on October pa (though JJ will celebrate his 28th on the 29th). Yup, it's our son's christening but there is one more reason why I am so looking forward to the 28th.

I've been following Formula 1 for a few years now and the race on the 28th is the first of its kind. Why? It will be a night race!
I would have taken JJ to watch the GP (it will be in Singapore so near lang) since birthday niya and it would have been something na the two of us would enjoy (that is kung naka-book ako ng flight, hotel and if I got f1 tickets. Heard from a classmate na late last year pa lang daw, pahirapan na) but since we have Lucas now, maybe next year na lang? :-) (so dapat pala now pa lang i am planning for it na. hmmm.).

Anyway, here's a preview of the circuit.

To those who will attend the GP, please say hi to Kimi for me :-)

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jeng said...

Hi, F1 race fan ka rin pala. Me too, nahawa ako sa hubby ko ;) Dream namin to watch an F1 race...hay maybe next year sana ;)