Monday, March 15, 2010

My Weekend

My weekend started Friday night with my sis-in-law Eunice and my one-and-only sister, Chissa. We trooped to MAC Glorietta to claim our free lipsticks in exchange for used/ empty MAC products. There was a change in policy as we were shown only 7 shades to choose from whereas before, all regular lipstick shades are up for grabs. But we were pacified when we saw the shades that we can choose from as these were what they call "MAC Classics". After trying several shades, I decided to get Russian Red. Now, I am not really into loud red lipsticks but when I tried it, Chissa and Eunice said that it looked nice on me.My sister even went as far as saying that it gave me a glow! Haha :-) Now given that compliment, how can I not choose the shade? Chissa got Fast Play (a pink shade which really looked nice on her). Eunice decided to get Fast Play too and Twig (another MAC classic), if I remember right. After MAC, we checked out stores having a sale (Plains and Prints, Kamiseta, Zara, etc.). My sister treated me for dinner at Go Greek at the Food Choices. Dessert is on me and we tried Sebastian's Ice Cream, which disappointed me. I'd have FIC any day over Sebastian's.
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We were off to Sta. Rosa last Saturday for my brother Teejay's birthday. They recently moved into their own home and it was our first time to visit them. The house was really nice and fits their family of four. I also love some of the furniture that my sister-in-law bought for their house. It was a fun, fun dinner as we are complete once again. My brother, Tom, who resides in Pampanga, was also there and brought his family, cousin Din and our Tita Ebong with him. I cannot wait to see them again at Luis' first birthday party this coming Friday, March 19.
Sunday was spent with my darling boys, hubby JJ and Lucas. We just stayed home Sunday morning and dropped by the mall early evening to hear mass and walk around. JJ suggested that we eat at Ted's (yummy yummy La Paz Batchoy). While we're eating, we got an SMS from Eunice inviting us to join them at Pizza Hut with Daddy G, Ate Michelle and her boys, Einar and Enrico. Lucas had a grand time running around Pizza Hut with his Kuyas. Our meryenda became dinner as JJ and I finished off the pasta and pizza (lasagna was really good). After that, it was time to go home as we want to watch Formula 1's first race of the season. Said race turned out to be a huge B-O-R-E.
That's it. Hope you guys had a nice weekend as well.

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