Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get Well Soon Labs

Hubby's been sick since last weekend. He had low-grade fever and said that he knew he wasn't a hundred percent okay. My sister noticed this as JJ was not his usual self at my mom's birthday lunch. He didn't come back for third/ fourth servings, which he usually does.
By Monday morning, he decided that he will take the day off to rest. After taking a shower on Monday night, he noticed that he has rashes. Lots of them. I immediately informed Daddy G and we decided that we'd take JJ to the ER after dinner. For fear that it might be dengue given the rashes.
At the ER, JJ was immediately quarantined (?) when the nurses found out that he has fever and rashes. After 30 minutes, a doctor entered our room. She checked JJ's temperature, blood pressure, etc. After asking what his other symptoms were, she requested for a CBC. A lab technician came in after 30 minutes (I guess we were down the priority list at the ER) and we got the results 30 minutes after that.
As interpreted by the doctor, it looks like my husband has a viral infection. His white blood cells were up. His platelet count was normal, however, at the lower range. This prompted the doctor to prepare a request for CBC and we were told that JJ must have the test again the afternoon of the next day in case he'd have fever. He was advised to stay home for the next 3-4 days, wear a mask and see an internist late this week (for him to be cleared to go back to work next week).
As of yesterday, he didn't have fever but the rashes multiplied. He said he was feeling better already. His only problem is our dear darling Lucas. Lucas played with him Monday morning and since he sees his dad at home, he has the tendency to stay with him. I just instructed the yaya not to let Lucas stay long in a room with his dad and distract him if needed.
Hope you get well soon labs.

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