Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crocs Megasale Loot

Ate Michelle and Daddy G braved the crowd yesterday to drop by the Crocs Megasale. Looking at Daddy G's bags when we got home last night, I'd say the trip was a huge success :-)

Here's what they got for us:

Crete canvas was at P500 each. Daddy G got me and JJ a pair, both in this color. He also got a pair in red and in blue. For P500, this one is a steal.

Ate Michelle got Lucas two pairs. This blue one in his current size and a green one on the next size. I have no idea how much they cost as Ate Michelle gave them to Lucas as gifts. Thanks Ninang Michelle :-)This is what I really want sana. Ate Michelle initially told me that she got a pair on my size. I almost jumped up and down with glee. 50% off. Unfortunately, they realized later on that both are for the left foot! They cannot find the other pair. Waaahhhh :(
Hope my sister will find time to drop by the sale in the next few days. *Chissa, I know you're stalking this blog. You better get me a pair of Sta. Cruz :-)* Hay, baka talagang hindi kami ukol :-)
Anyhoo, sis-in-law and mom-in-law both got Malindi, which I think is spanking nice as well. They got them in navy blue and red.
Hope you guys will have successful trips to the sale too.

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