Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just finished reading....

I finally found time to read some of the books that I purchased months (and a year?) ago. I usually sneak in a few pages before I sleep and sometimes, I bring a book whenever I am pumping at work (if there's nothing pressing that I have to do).
This book is funny, real and heartwarming. It is about friendship and how it's tested over time and by circumstance. It's about how your true friends know what's right for you but will love you still even if they do not agree with how you live and who you live with.
This DS book is about a dog-walker/ celebrity-daughter who grows and falls in love with a famous (Brad Pitt popularity level) moviestar. It is about the mechanics of an unconventional family. How they treat each other and eventually accept each other, faults and all. It is about wholly accepting yourself, your mother and your sister. This book made me cry :-)

Honor Thyself is about a filmstar who became a victim of a terrorist attack while vacationing in Paris. She had amnesia and in the process of finding herself, she got to know her family: ex-husband, children and assistant all over again. She also found her ex-love and rekindled a romance in the process. This is a page-turner and I honestly had a hard time putting the book down.

Coming Out is mainly about a lawyer's twin daughters' coming out ball. How the said ball caused rifts among her family of a Jewish husband, a rebellious daughter and a shallow ex-husband. Not a page turner like the two DS books above but still a good book nonetheless. I love Steel's books as they make you feel for the characters. She can make you laugh and she can definitely make you cry :-)

I am now reading Anansi Boys. This is my first Neil Gaiman book and so far (3 chapters) I am liking it. National Bookstore offered a 30% discount on all Gaiman books and I just wasn't able to resist.
Next in line is DS' A Good Woman, which garnered great reviews as well.

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