Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Tagaytay Weekend

To celebrate our anniversary, our family spent the weekend in Tagaytay.
Here's our wonderful (but bitin!) weekend in pictures.
Lucas wanted to wear Daddy's shades.
Eating invisible food. This was taken while we're waiting for our Kanin Club order. We enjoyed the food (ordered Crispy Dinuguan and Sinanglay na Tilapia). We'd definitely try other dishes soon.
Yum yum yum. JJ and I finally learned the trick in eating at peace with our son. We just have to let him eat on his own and occasionally feed him :-)
JJ looking a little worried as Lucas plays with my sunglasses.
After lunch we decided to show Lucas the fishies in Nuvali.

He kept on pointing and saying "pish.. pish.."

Lucas: There's more under the bridge mom

Taken after the boat ride.
Lucas having a grand time at Taal Vista's play area. We weren't able to let him loose at the viewdeck area as there was a wedding taking place.
My other boy trying out the toys :-)
He can't seem to make up his mind on what toy he'd try.

At the Taal Vista viewdeck.

Having dinner at Pancake House. He was eating his spaghetti noodles by hand. Messy but at least he had fun :-)

My boys :-)

He discovered one giant slide

Not a kiss mom. I just want your sunglasses :-)

Overall, it was a fun, fun getaway that we plan to repeat in the near future. The only downside of going out of town as a family is that we don't get to have family pictures taken :-) A must on our next trips! (tripod JJ?)

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