Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Little Man turns 19 Today

19 months, that is :-)

Happy 19th month Lucas. By next month, you will be on your twenties na... time surely flies fast.

You are at this stage where you're so curious that nothing escapes your little hands and mouth. You often amaze me with your ability to grasp concepts and mimic our actions and words. You also have a good memory as you often mention stuff way before they are shown on your favorite DVD shows. You are also one sweet son. You always kiss me. As in kiss me with a smile on your face after pa. Me and daddy look forward to those kisses everyday. On the other hand, you are a brat sometimes and believe me sweetie when I say that our patience has been put to test. But hopefully, you'll realize in the future that tough love is sometimes a must. It breaks my heart to see you cry anak. But we can't have you growing up a difficult person, right?

Happy 19th month anak. We love you very much.

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