Monday, March 22, 2010

Nang dahil sa hilaw na mangga...

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... I was rushed to the ER this morning!

I woke up with my head spinning and feeling nauseous. That first instant, I know I was having another hyperacidity attack. I kept on vomiting for the rest of the morning. By 9AM, I was so weak I had to ask JJ to bring me to the hospital. Daddy G gave me Zantac but I wasn't able hold it down.

At the ER, after the initial check up, the doctor concluded that I had vertigo at gastritis. I was given Zantac and Plasil intravenously. After an hour, I was much much better. I was advised to rest for another two days and to take Zantac twice a day for two weeks. I honestly doubt that it's vertigo as I am awfully dizzy whenever I have a hyperacidity attack.

Now, I was blaming it on the green mangoes because it was the last thing I had last night. Two, in fact. JJ was telling me to take it easy next time and to take into mind that I shouldn't have it late in the night. I was really sorry I ate those mangoes but I only have myself to blame.

I am feeling much, much better now. Just a little weak from my ordeal this morning. Hopefully, this won't happen again soon.

It's true what they always say, you only get to appreciate good health when you're sick.

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