Monday, August 4, 2008

Week 37

Our baby is now considered full term and should he decide to pop out anytime, it will be ok. The weekly check-up last Saturday went well. I didn't gain a single pound (Yippee!) and Lucas is doing fine inside my tummy. Wala rin raw akong manas sabi ni OB. I was told that I can stop taking my vitamins but I have to continue taking my iron supplement and Anmum. We were also given the admitting letter. This is it! Anytime talaga I can give birth na.

My FIL keeps on telling my tummy "Oh Lucas ha, August 8". Seems like he wants his apo to be born on 08-08-08, the so-called "lucky date" for the year. But I can almost imagine how chaotic it will be in the hospital as mommies with due dates within this date and will have CS will probably have it scheduled on this date. (I know I would have). But whenever Lucas decides to pop out is fine by me, as long as it still safe for him to be inside my tummy, kahit mejo matagal pa :-)

Wondering how big I am now? Sabi nila I am not really that big naman and my tummy rin is not that big. This is me at 36 weeks.

That's it for now and please continue praying for us :-)

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