Monday, August 11, 2008

Still Preggo.....

On our 38th week already. We weren't able to have our weekly check-up last weekend because my doctor's mom passed away last Saturday (God bless her soul). I will probably have a check-up scheduled within the week. I was telling Lucas not to pop out yet until we're sure that our doctor can attend to us (hopefully, he'll listen :-) ).

The waiting game officially started last weekend. But everyone is telling me that my tummy's still too high and that I should start taking longer walks. For some reason, I am not fearing the giving-birth part that much these days. I am just so excited to see and hold my little boy. Hopefully this calm and excited feeling will stay with me until the first labor pains come :-)

We also moved out of my in-laws house. My brother-in-law has German measles and though I had my MMR shot last year, OB asked me to move out of the house to be on the safe side. We're currently camped in my parent's house and it's nice to be staying there (for more than a weekend) again after I moved out in 2006.

We're also thinking of where we'll be staying with Lucas if I give birth this week or next week. See, according to some info we read online, rubella is most contagious one week before and one week after the rashes' first appearance. If I will be giving birth this week, we can't bring bring Lucas home to my in-laws place. He might be exposed to the virus and since he doesn't have the MMR shot yet, he might easily get infected. Kawawa naman my little boy if he'll be sick this early. Hubby also mentioned something about the other people in the house who might be carriers, since three weeks ang gestation period ng rubella virus. We will never know before that three weeks kung meron bang ibang nahawa sa house. We'll just ask our doctor about it when the time comes. We might be overreacting to the stuff we read over the weekend :-)

There goes our weekend. I hope you guys had a great one.

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