Friday, August 29, 2008

Our First Two Weeks as Daddy and Mommy

It's been two weeks since Lucas completed our family. The past fourteen days weren't easy but we still wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Sleep is something that I am lucky to have five hours in a day of. But when Lucas needs mom, a mom I have to be. JJ's been back to work since last week (he will sparingly avail of his paternity leave) and thank heavens for the two long weekends as he got to spend an extra two days with us after our firstborn's birth.

Lucas is getting bigger everyday. He's gone a long way from the pink baby that he was when our relatives visited him in huggery the day he was born. Back then, everyone said that he looked like me and that he's fair. Fast forward to now, he is the spitting image of his dad. My dad said that his looks will still change and that it's not until he's a few months old that one can really tell how he'd look like. I guess we'll see :-) (yeah, I am still hoping that somehow something from me will pop out :D).

I also had two scares already. One was when he vomited milk and some were coming out from his nose as well. I was in a state when I saw it. Good thing my mom was there to assure me that it was quite normal as long as happens not too often. Nowadays, I hold him upright for 15 minutes after feeding for me to be sure that everything is down in his system (pedia advice). Another was when he's cord bled. I already noticed a few drops days before but yesterday, there was blood all around it. We were scheduled to visit his pediatrician yesterday as well which was a good thing. When Dr. Suratos inspected his cord, he said that the bleeding is normal and that I just have to continue wiping it with alcohol. He also prescribed an antibacterial ointment for it. I realized after that episode that JJ's more calm when it comes to tricky situations. He knew what to do while I was panicking already. This is something that I really have to improve on.

The cord that nearly gave me a heart attack. I won't be at peace until this thing falls off!

Lucas was also given a shot (Hepa) during the visit. He was wailing before the injection and after the initial pain, he immediately stopped crying. JJ said that he stopped crying because he realized that there are more painful things than what he initially thought was painful. He found out what pain was after the shot :-) Sans the cord thing, everything is fine according to his doctor.

That's how the past two weeks went by. Thanks to everyone who wished us well, who prayed for our safety during the delivery and everyone who visited us at the hospital and at home. I'd be completing the tags I got in a few days (promise!). I just have to get the hang of my "new" schedule. Tata!

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