Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby thumps mommy....

Before I get really busy finishing my term paper and reviewing for my finals tomorrow, I just want to share another mommy-to-be experience.

I was reading stuff for my term paper last night while baby's listening to the three songs I mentioned in my last post. 2 - 3 minutes into baby's listening session, I felt continuous thumps from my tummy. The first ones I didn't really pay attention to as they happen regularly these days. But all of a sudden the thumps got harder, not naman painful but it will make you stop whatever you're doing at the moment. I stopped reading and looked at my tummy. Hala! My tummy is sort of waving whenever baby gives me the thump. Scary (as if may alien inside me. true nga what they say) but really fun to watch at the same time. I am just telling baby not to thump mommy too hard. I immediately called hubby (who was on shift last night) and told him about it. Instead of being put to sleep, the music makes baby dance ata eh :-) After a while baby calmed down naman.

Every new experience makes me more excited to see baby na. And baby's more real to me these days as he/she keeps giving me those thumps every once in a while. There's really this person growing inside me.

That's it for now. Wish me luck for my finals tomorrow :-)

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