Monday, April 28, 2008

On Credit Cards

JJ and I were out shopping in SM Makati last Friday. We paid using a credit card and much to our surprise, the cashier asked for JJ's ID before swiping. She said "Sorry maam, sir. Nakalagay po kasi dito sa card ninyo, 'please ask for ID'." Oh my, I could've kissed her. I was pleasantly suprised because it was only the second time it happened to us. (Yeah, imagine my reaction the first time we were asked to show an ID card :-P) It's been a while na rin kasi and the cashiers usually do not pay attention to the instruction written at the back of the card. Sa dami kasi ng credit card fraud incidents these days, nakakatakot and we felt that we have to do something to somehow prevent it. But then, usually no effect pa rin so we have to be extra careful with those plastics. Better to lose cash than lose a credit card.

Hay, hopefully there'd be more cashiers like the ones we encountered in Toytown (Festival Mall) and SM Makati :-)

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