Saturday, February 18, 2012


My dad's only sister, Tita Nadie, spoils my and my siblings' children. I think my Tita's biggest mistake was asking the kids what they want as gifts and sending it to them. Now they know that when they ask something from her, there's a good chance that it will come in the next weeks or months.

Lucas asked for Gordon when they last spoke. And surprise of all surprises, Gordon came in a month's time. We called Tita to say thanks and here's how her conversation with Lucas went:
Lucas: Thank you Tita.
Tita: *I didn't hear what she said. But she was probably asking Lucas if he liked Gordon*
Lucas: Yeah Tita. Tita, there's more train in the paper (by paper he meant the flyer that came with the toy). There's Henry, Dennis,etc. etc. (I was listening with wide eyes! Aba! Kakatanggap lang, nagbibilin na agad! Even Lolo G was laughing.)
I think my Tita asked what else does he want and Lucas said Henry. My Tita just laughed and said my son was adorable.

In two week's time, my sister told me, "Ate, nabili na raw si Henry. Darating sa March with Kuya Jon."

Spoiled talaga! But I am thankful that my Tita's generous enough to buy gifts for her apos. Actually, she buys stuff for us too so hindi lang ang kids ang spoiled, us too :)

Here's a snapshot of Lucas when we gave him Tita's gift:

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