Wednesday, February 1, 2012

7 Working Days 'Til We Know

Lucas will turn four (4) years old in August. It means that we MUST enroll him to Nursery Class this coming school year. The hunt for a preschool began late last year and well, we sort of decided where we want him to go.

We submitted the requirements last weekend (with Lucas thinking that he IS going to school that day. He was kinda disappointed when we trooped to the car after showing him the preschool area) and his entrance test/interview was scheduled today.

No parents were allowed inside the testing area and I was a little nervous, thinking he might refuse to go inside without me or his daddy in tow. I was pleasantly surprised when he went with the Teacher who called the kids inside to begin the "test". While waiting, JJ tried to listen to what's going on inside and he came back reporting that he heard several "Lucas" and "Let's see who's behaving/ sitting down properly" from the test administrator. Oh dear.

After about forty minutes, the doors opened with Teacher ushering the kids outside (there were three of them who took the "test"). Lucas came out smiling (which I hope is a good sign) while presenting me with his test permit with a writing that says "results will be out after seven working days".

It will be a long week.... we are just hoping that our little boy made the cut. This experience left me wondering whether parents these days (us included) are putting too much pressure on our kids and ourselves! particularly when it comes to school and learning. Hmm, are we????

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