Saturday, February 18, 2012

Conversations with Lucas

Lucas loves watching Thomas the Tank Engine videos in Youtube. He specially loves product reviews. One time, he was watching a review of a new line released in other countries but not yet available here.
Lucas: Daddy, Mommy, buy me Thomas Track Master.
Me: Naku, anak. Hindi pa yan available dito. We cannot buy yet.
Lucas: Mom! Office Ebay!
*Oo nga naman. Puede sa ebay.

In our bedroom, all lights off. JJ and I were trying to sleep na. Of course, si Lucas rin dapat about to sleep na. Mukhang hindi pa siya antok so he kept moving.
Me: Lucas, anak, sleep na. Late na. Close your eyes na.
Lucas: Mom, I can't do it! Look! My eyes won't close! They won't close mom!

After dinner, I prepared Lucas's bath. I went to our bedroom to call him. He was just watching TV (nakataas pa ang kamay).
Me: Lucas, time for bath na. Halika na.
Lucas: Mooom, I am too busy...
*Kaloka. Too busy watching TV???

Out of the blue....
Lucas: Mom, I want to go to Toy Storyland in Hong Kong Disneyland!!!!
Me: Hmm, okay. But anak, kailangan natin mag-save, that's expensive eh (but I was wondering san niya kaya nakuha ang idea na ito)
A few days later, JJ and I were in our bedroom and Lucas came in shouting...
Lucas: Mom, Dad. Come on... Come here.. Toy Storyland!!
We went in the living room and he showed us Toy Storyland. Aba, commercial pala sa Disney Channel. Open na daw ang Toy Storyland in Hong Kong Disneyland....
*Feeling ata ng anak ko parang gala lang sa Glorietta yun...

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