Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank heavens...

...for generous husbands (think Raisin :) )
...for husbands who tell you this when you study the Starbucks Calorie Counter flyer "Labs, when you start counting calories, it's no longer fun..."
...for children who say "Mommy hug! Hug! Hug!" every night before you guys go to sleep
...for dads who still pick you up in the office even though you no longer live in the same house
...for moms who prepare your favorite dishes when you visit home (and this is on a bi-monthly basis)
...for sisters who lend their time, bags, make-up, colognes and generally make you feel that you can be whoever you are when you're with them
....for brothers who are there when you need them (may it be about buying cheap Avent bottles for you or ensuring that there is tube ice because Ate insisted on it)
...for lolos, lolas, titos and titas who love your son and look after him while you're out there, working

...for nephews and nieces who assure you that your children will have a lot of friends to hang out with in the future (they make Christmas eve gift opening interesting too)
...for in-laws who made you feel like you're part of the family already beginning day 1 of your meeting (titos, titas and cousins included)
...for titas who are generous not just with material things, but with their time and advice too...
...for titos who make you feel treasured by telling you stories of how you charmed them (some years ago) into buying you stuff or how you sang this one song or performed this one dance or said this funny thing...
...for friends who make you look back and marvel at how you guys have matured and changed yet, still close friends
...for friends at work who make you laugh when you're stressed out

Thank heavens indeed.

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hrmustang said...

yes and its always good to count our blessings!! yay!