Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lucas and his favorite playmate

It is definitely an understatement if I say that Lucas loves to play. He LOOVVVESS his trains, his blocks, his cars and his play balls.

Here are a couple of shots of him in action with his ultimate playmate...

 A Castle?

 Daddy... his ultimate playmate

 Lucas: Pichur Mommy :)

Before he topples his dad's creation


 He likes 'em bubbles....

 Our bubble machine :D

 Playing with choco coins from Tita Nice

Thank you Ninang Laurs for our new centerpiece :)

 Built  by daddy!!!!

He can play with this new toy all day! No kidding!

We are trying to lessen TV time by encouraging  him to play with his toys more. But I tell you, it is kinda difficult with Disney Playhouse. Good thing he loves shows like Little Einsteins and Word World. So I am thinking that's good TV right ? :) But he still gotta have his daily dose of Thomas and his other Sodor friends...

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Irmee said...

hi Chie, fave din ng mga anak ko ang thomas train. We had the very first train set as gift for Aloysius, then we collected the other trains and tracks ayun, minsan gumawa sila di na magkasya sa isang room, hahaha...actually, yung daddy nila ksi ang totoong addict sa toys hahaha