Monday, January 24, 2011

Date night: Purple Oven and Aysee

It was date night last night. JJ's friend from college (Happy Birthday Edmon) celebrated his birthday at Kajo's Bar in Madison Square (?) along Pioneer in Mandaluyong. As expected, the guys talked Magic again :) -- no complains here, just stating facts.

It was an after-dinner party (call time 8:30ish) so I asked JJ if we can drop by Purple Oven first and then have dinner at Aysee's to try their famous sisig. 

Purple Oven. First heard of this bakeshop from my sister-in-law Eunice. They were made famous by the fact that they supply pastries to Starbucks coffee shops in the country. I love Starbucks' banoffee pie!! So, when I heard that Purple Oven is the supplier of these famous banana/caramel pie, I instantly wanted to visit it. Last December, Mami E got a banana loaf from the same shop as a gift and it reminded me once again that we are yet to drop by the said bake shop. Then came the invite for Edmon's birthday. Everything just clicked for my sweeth tooth :)

It wasn't what I expected. The shop, I mean. I was giving directions to JJ and I almost laughed when my husband said, "Sure ka ba dito? Entrance ata ng motel ito eh". Hahaha! Understandable. Given that the Dahlia Motel sign was bigger than the St. Peter street sign. Not knowing what we're looking for, we passed by it the first time and asked directions from one of the guards a few blocks before the street ended. A U-turn later, a guard was ushering us in and pointing us in the direction of the bakeshop. It doesn't look like a bakeshop naman kasi :) haha. And it is not. Commissary pala with a retail store in front.

 Ref full of chocolate cake goodies. Sorry for the pictures, I was kinda shy to take pictures kaya click lang ng click.

 Croissants. Banana and Orange Poppy Seed Loaves. Glazed and Chocolate Doughnuts.
They also have brownies, revel bars and crinkles. They all looked yummy but the crinkles were a little expensive at P200++ per dozen. I tasted yummy crinkles from my sis-in-law Innah and they were much cheaper than that :)

 Hay Banoffe Pie. Kung hindi ka lang kailangan i-ref asap, ikaw ang inuwi ko :)

Lava cakes

Purple Oven retail store
With the refrigeration requirements, I decided to try their Chocolate Campfire. I am sure I'd have the chance to go back and try your other yummy cakes Purple Oven. Just wait 'til we move to One Corporate Center :)

Next stop was Aysee. Okay, I've heard endless raves on how absolutely delicious their sisig is. So, I figured, we're in the area na rin so we might as well try. We also ordered Tokwa't Baboy.
 The verdict. Maybe I expected too much? I dunno. But I wasn't that happy with it. I probably expected too much, it was a complete letdown. Even JJ wasn't raving about it. We both feel that Gilligan's is much better. Baka we like the crunch? The Tokwa't Baboy was ok. The bagnet-like pork was good though it screams "heart attack" :) We probably won't be back again there anytime soon.

I am sure you are wondering if the cake was good right? 

 Doughnut muna. We got Lucas a couple of these.

 He looked happy with it when we took the picture but he didn't taste it :) Pa-cute lang pala when he said yes when I offered it to him. Ending, extra calories for JJ.

 Oohh. Logo pa lang yan.

 Top View.

 One more before the taste test.

Cake was good. Lots of chocolate in every slice. It was not too sweet. One layer has chocolate cream and the other has small chocolate chunks. I am not an icing person so I ensured that my slice had minimal icing. Just a little slice will go a long way in satisfying one's craving for chocolate.

I will definitely buy it again though I like Classic Confection's Choco Oblivion more. But for P520, I think this cake is a steal.

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