Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucas' Christmas 2010

It was kinda weird celebrating Christmas this year, with Lola P's death a few days before Christmas. From December 21, 2010, we all tried to be with Lola by visiting her daily after work. Luckily, last day of work was on December 23. We were able to take Lucas to visit Lola P a few days before the cremation.

 Lucas with Ate Lily at Lola's wake

The clan spent Christmas at St. Peter's Chapel instead of having it in Lola's house in Balut. It was also Lola P's last day to lie in state as her cremation was scheduled December 26. The grandkids decided to takeover Tita Sylv's Christmas cooking duties by deciding to pool our resources and should I say cooking talents? to prepare the menu for Christmas Day. Our assignments include barbecued ribs and vegetable salad with JJ's yummy Asian dressing. Both were hits! (unless everyone pretended they were good so as not to hurt our feelings :) )

Before we left the house for the family's Christmas lunch, Lucas had a chance to open his gifts from Mommy and Daddy. As mentioned previously, we presented his gifts one at a time  for him to enjoy each toy for a longer while.

 Lucas on Christmas morning. Hooray! Another train for his collection.

 Tito B helping the little boy open his gift from Ate Ria

 Ooooh. It's Buzz!!

 Blocks from Ninang Michelle and Tita Nice

Wilson and Brewster from Tito Ninong B 

 Cutie pie enjoying his toy

~ * ~
I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Cheers to a blessed 2011 for all of us.

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