Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lucas and his barber

I know I say this often but really, time flies soooo fast! This morning, we got another reminder that our son is growing up much too fast for us.
He usually cries buckets when it's time for his tresses to be trimmed. Earlier today JJ and I were surprised when he ASKED for a haircut. Alright, not really out of the blue. It's time for his haircut and expecting it to be an ordeal yet again, JJ was prepping Lucas by telling him that he will have his haircut while taking a bath. The initial plan was to cut his hair after lunch, during his bath, so he's kinda distracted. But surprise of all surprises, Lucas said, "Haircut! Haircut! Haircut!". We clarified. "You want your haircut now?". He replied, "Haircut. Like". With eyes as big as saucers, we got all the tools as fast as we can and snipped, snipped...

Wow. He really didn't cry. He just sat there and played with the brush we used to brush hair off his skin. Another milestone :)
 Ohh. How I love this crinkly smile :)

 With our trusted barber... Daddy!

 Is my hair okay mom?

Hay. Imagine. Smiling for the cameras na. You would think he's this behaved every time right?

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