Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lucas is an addict...

Addicted to Thomas the Train, that is.

My son gets all giddy when he receives anything Thomas-related. Be it towels, a cap, DVDs, books. But we can tell that he's happiest when he gets new trains to add to his collection. Amazingly, he knows all trains by name (well, at least those who are in Season 8).

 Kinikilig talaga :) This is why we can't resist buying him new trains.

 He loves arranging them in one straight line

  See? You can tell he loved what he just got

So, guess who got into panic-buying mode when they chanced upon the Wooden Railways series on Sale at Toy Kingdom :) Haha. Of course, it didn't help that JJ just received his SM Gift Cheques, a company Christmas gift.

We gave them to Lucas one by one. I think we still have 2 or 3 left wrapped and hidden inside our cabinet. We see that he appreciates them more and each gets to be his favorite train for a longer while this way. Of course, it's also one sure cure for his tantrums...

Moving on to my other toy addict (this one's a Transformer addict). We're looking for Prime Voyagers that recently went on sale. Would appreciate any leads :) Been to malls in the South already and sadly, they've all been sold out :(

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