Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our 30th Week

Countdown: At least 7 more weeks (hopefully) before Lucas pops out.

JJ and I started shopping for baby stuff and things we’d need in the hospital. Side kuwento: My mom was always telling me that I shouldn’t shop for Lucas before I turn 7 months (pamahiin, I think). So following her advice, I only started collating baby checklists on week 28. Week 29, I visited my parents and the first thing my mom tells me, “O, anak. Dapat complete na gamit ni baby. Kahit yung dadalhin lang sa hospital. Anytime kasi puede ka na manganak”. Nyak! I was like, “Ma, 1 week pa lang ako 7 months eh”. Mommies talaga But then I assured her that we will start shopping by week 30. Naku, Friday night, may mega-long SMS pa yung mom ko on what we should buy. Hay, sayang talaga that my mom cannot join us sa shopping due to her condition. Mas masaya sana

Week 30: Our first stop was SM Makati. I was told that the best place to buy baby stuff is in SM or Landmark pa rin. Coming from Park Square 1 parking, the walkway to SM will lead you to the children’s/ infants’ section of SM. Ikot ikot kami ni JJ and while checking out First Years baby products, the saleslady asked us if we’re shopping for baby. She informed us that I can register sa kanila and then everything included in my registry will be at 10% discount (sis Clarice from N@wie also told me about this). Even the stuff that we’ll be purchasing that day will be at 10% discount rin. Not bad right? Thinking that my baby shower will be in 3 weeks time, I listed that event na lang. So, I filled up the form and we were told to choose the items na and bring the items back to the registry counter for them to include the items in the list. JJ and I really want to avail of the 10% discount so we chose items that we’d be buying rin talaga kahit walang magbigay kay Lucas. Saya saya mag-shopping ha pero siempre pigil pigil rin because yung mga saleslady kanya-kanyang push ng product nila. We just bought the stuff we’d be needing sa hospital and several other items like sterilizer, nursing bib, diapers and other consumables. The other items, di na muna namin binili but we had included in our registry. We’ll be back na lang after the baby shower to purchase the items that Lucas will not get. We’re not really planning to register naman but since there’s a 10% discount, ok na since bibilhin at bibilhin din naman naming yung most of the items sa list. We only bought several sets of newborn clothes (specially yung mga pambahay) for Lucas pala kasi marami siyang nakuhang hand-me-downs from his cousins (from Ate Michelle’s boys and yung mga nalakihan ng 2 nephews ko). Buti na lang all-boys sila Hehe. Kaya dami dami cute na socks, etc ni Lucas. Ipapalaba na lang namin one of these days.

This weekend, we plan to arrange Lucas’ stuff sa cabinet niya and to pack na rin our hospital bag. Nyay, malapit na talaga ako manganak!

Sunday was Father’s Day. It was JJ’s first father day Mas masaya siguro next year kasi Lucas will be out of my tummy na to greet his daddy. Sunday kasi kicks lang ang bati niya kay JJ eh. We had lunch at my parent’s house (as usual, stars na naman ang mga nephews ko. kakaaliw talaga sila!) and we’re back at my in-laws in time for dinner. To JJ, daddypops, dadi Gani , my brother TJ and all daddies out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday night, Nadal beat Djokovic in the Finals of the Artois Championships. Ha! Did I mention that it’s a grass court tournament? Well, Roger won a grass tourney rin in Germany but according to reports, he didn’t face anyone from the Top 10. Oh, I cannot wait for Wimbledon. Start na next week!

Random Pics:

Me at 27 weeks (I think).

Matty ogling the cake.

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