Monday, June 30, 2008

Our 32nd Week and Buntis Goes Out to Dinner

I am now in the 8th month of my pregnancy with Baby Lucas. We had our scheduled pre-natal check up last Friday and everything is okay according to the doctor. We heard our baby's heartbeat (galloping horses galore) and I, so far, gained 21 pounds since I became pregnant. We will be back for an ultrasound (to check baby's position) in three weeks time. From the next check up, our appointments with the OB would be on a weekly basis. Malapit na, as in, malapit na talaga ako manganak. Our hospital bag's already packed with a few items such as the baby blankies that we had washed just last week.

Saturday was the scheduled dinner thingy with Sam (I won in the BPI EPS promo). JJ, sis-in-law and sister accompanied me to Trinoma for the "date". First thing in the agenda was the Bench Shopping Spree. Thousands worth of Bench GCs came with the price package and boy was it difficult to shop. I was having a hard time buying things for myself given my condition and the fact that Bench has no Maternity line. Those assisting us were resigned to handing down XXL-sized clothes to me (yeah, ganyan na ako kalaki ). After a while, I just concentrated on getting stuff for JJ, my parents and my in-laws. After an hour of shopping, I was told by BPI's Kitty that I only have 10 minutes left to shop as my appointment with Bench Fix Salon is in 15 minutes.

I sat at the salon and in 2 seconds, I was told that my hair will be curled and that it would be put up, half-pony style. Before I can even say "ok", the salon person was already starting to curl my hair! Buti na lang ok lang sa akin magpakulot (since I plan to have my hair curled after I give birth). My make up was also done in the same salon. In an hour, I was done. The HMU was okay but it is not that great. JJ even commented that I looked mature. Oh well, for P950, puede na rin :-)

With my Tita Blyn, sis-in-law Eunice, sister Chissa and Iya (hehe) after the HMU. Oo na, I am big na

with hubby ipinag-drive pa ako para makipag-date sa iba.... haha!

Sam's really nice, I guess one would know naman kung kunyari lang na mabait yung other person. My sister and I were basically asking "Da-Buzz" questions hehe We didn't have pics with him in our camera (at least ako wala) because we have a photographer (it comes with the BPI price package rin) and she took most of the pictures. Will post it here when I get them from her.

Eunice and Sam

Chissa and Sam

Tita By and Sam

One thing pala that ruined our day is the mall's parking system. My tita's car kasi won't start (she left the headlights on or something) so we have to go back and help her. She parked sa rooftop ng Mindanao Parking. Grabe pala ang tagal lumabas sa parking area nila around 930PM. Promise, it took more than 30 minutes for us to get out of the parking area. Yun pala, they just have 1 booth wherein you'll pay. Ohmy! When we asked her kung talagang isa lang ba yung booth, she said that there's another one sa Third Floor. But we didn't see it (or baka sa kabilang side lang). Hay, since we're from the South, feeling ko we won't be back in Trinoma for a long time. And if ever bumalik kame, mag-MRT na lang kme

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