Monday, June 2, 2008

28th Week

Yup, you read it right. We're on our 28th week already. According to, our baby boy is about 15 inches from head to toe and weighs around 2.5 lbs already. We're in the homestretch as we're in the third trimester na. I am excited to see my baby and at the same time a little (well, okay, more than a little) scared of the pain that comes with childbirth. But I guess what I feel is normal.

Last Saturday was a full day for me and baby. I had my Glucose Challenge Test at 7am in the morning. Nagulat ako when I saw that I have to drink like 25oml of the glucose solution pala. I thought mga 100ml lang. Buti na lang I was able to drink it and keep it down (it was really sweet and I have stop once in a while before finishing the drink). Thankfully, the results were okay as confirmed by my OB's assistant this morning. But then she warned me that this does not mean that I can go back to eating chocolates and other sweets whenever I please.

We were scheduled to have our 3d/4d ultrasound around 8AM that same day (Saturday) but we had to move it to 8:30AM because of the GCT. Luckily, the one scheduled at 9AM was late ( initial usapan kasi is we have to stop and balik na lang if the 9AM preggy lady comes in and di pa kami tapos with our session). Baby L was asleep the entire session. Good, because the sonologist was able to measure easily dahil di siya malikot. Me and hubby just didn't see him move around much. So happy when the sonologist told us that everything is a-ok in my tummy. No fetal anomaly detected. :-) Below are our babies first pics...

Baby happily playing with his foot. Yup, that's his foot!A smile for daddy and mommy :-)

Cutie fingers.

There are video clips from this session too. I will find ways to upload it later. Our families were all happy to see the pictures/ video clips. When I showed the videos to my 3-year old nephew he said, "Tita, bakit parang moo moo si baby?". Hehe :-)

On another note, my parents celebrated their 28th church wedding anniversary last Sunday (June 1). My sister prepared lots of yummy food for the occasion (I helped by slicing veggies and washing the dishes :-P). She cooked kare-kare (so yummy), lengua, angelhair pasta with white sauce and fried chicken. Me and my brother bought ice cream and cakes for dessert. It was a fun day as my 2 nephews were there to make everyone smile with their antics. To my parents, happy happy anniversary and many, many more anniversaries to come. Next year, our baby will be joining the celebration na. I can't wait!

Two more months to go. Please continue praying for my and baby's health.

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