Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lucky Lucky.....

Last Monday, I got a mail from BPI. Thinking that it was only my statement for the period, I asked hubby to open the mail for me. Less than 3 minutes after opening the mail, he started laughing. I was like, "Oh, bakit ka tumatawa jan". He answered,"Nanalo ka raw ng dinner date with Sam Milby". Then laughed again (Nai-imagine niya pala ko with my big belly having dinner with Sam kaya siya natatawa). I grabbed the mail from him and found out that indeed, that is what it says. That I was the grand winner of their EPS promo. I checked the other contents of the mail (reply slip and a promo flyer) and everything looks authentic. The next day, I gave a call to BPI's Marketing Department and the info they sent me via registered mail was confirmed.

Hubby and I went to BPI this morning to claim the prices (GCs from Bench, etc.). We were set on informing them that I wouldn't be claiming the dinner date thingy (my being married and pregnant, tinatamad to have it scheduled, etc., etc.) but when we arrived, everyone was so excited about the thing that we didn't have the heart to say no. I just asked if my sister can take my place instead. And they told us that I could just take my sister and hubby with me. There's a makeover budget included in the prices as well.

Aliw lang :-) I didn't even know that such a promo exists (Plugging: the promo will run until June 15, 2008. Every P500 purchase via EPS qualifies as one raffle ticket). Everyone who found out about my winning in the promo tells me na I am suwerte raw because I am pregnant. One officemate even jokingly wiped his hanky on my belly (Aba! Gawin ba akong poon?). I said thanks to baby and jokingly added "next time Lotto jackpot naman ha?". :-P

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Joanne MV said...

Wow! Sayang noh?! Kung single ka pa sana e di super kilig ka rin...hehehe Ü