Friday, May 2, 2008

And the doctor says.....

  • Per the ultrasound summary report, our baby is 24weeks and 5 days based on the fetal biometry results. But taking off from my LMP, baby should just be 23weeks and 5 days. Hala! Mommy really have to start eating smartly na.
  • we're gonna have a baby BOY :-) most tell us naman that it is usually accurate when they say it's a boy dahil kitang-kita agad yung proof. Sabi ng daddy ko, he's gonna have a basketball team daw because boys lahat ng 3 apo niya. My father-in-law (who's the only one who guessed that I am gonna have a boy) said "Oh, sabi sa yo eh, boy yan. Nag-iba kasi itsura mo.). He clarified naman that he doesn't mean na pumangit ako. hehe :-)

I asked JJ how he felt when he found that we're having a baby boy. Sabi niya, same lang naman yung feeling if ever girl man siya as long as healthy :-) same with me. I told my officemates nga na same lang kasi baby namin siya no matter what gender. Mas masaya lang mag-imagine these days kasi alam ko na boy siya :-)

That's it for now. And please pray for our continued health. 3 1/2 months na lang :-)

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ruther said...

hi chie.. konti lang pala agwat mg babies natin.. i haven't done any ultrasound. sa lunes pa lang :(

btw, add ko tong link mo sa motherhood blog ko.