Monday, March 31, 2008

The week that was….

It’s been a hectic week for me and as much as I’d like to update our blog, I just didn’t have the time. So I’d just summarize here and mention the highlights :-)

It’s our bunso’s (Chissa) college graduation (DLSU-Dasma) and given my mom’s condition, I was the one who accompanied my dad to the ceremonies. I was really happy for my parents because I know how happy they are that all their kids are now college graduates, an achievement that all parents persevere to accomplish.

Congrats sis! Ako naman ang ililibre mo… haha :P

My dad-in-law’s birthday. Friday is always a hectic day for me as ManCom reports are due within the day. Given my role as a “consolidator”, I often have to wait for the other projects’ input. I was out of the office by 6:30 PM. Luckily, it was also my brother-in-law’s HS grad (San Beda Alabang) and it was running a little behind schedule so there was no need to rush home for the birthday dinner.

My daddypops was to the rescue once again as he informed me that he could pick me up. We dropped by Conti’s in Serendra to buy a cake for Daddy Gani and buy pastries for my mom. I drooled over the cakes on display, they looked yummy to me (probably because I was a little hungry that time). I bought their bestseller, Mango Bravo :-) Everyone was happy with it (proof: it was polished in less than 2 days). I even had it for dessert after breakfast (Sat and Sun).

Here’s my dad-in-law with his cake. Happy birthday dadi! Many, many more to come.

My and baby’s regular check-up. I was due for an ultrasound (again because I continue to have light spotting once in a while) so hubby and I went to the Women’s Center first. Thankfully, everything was normal in there and my doctor found no internal bleeding. The ultrasound took longer this time as baby’s fetal biometry was checked by our doctor. Sigh of relief again when OB told us that everything is normal and baby is doing fine, right size. (Malikot rin. Start of the US, nasa normal position siya and then by the end of the US, ayun, breech position na siya). Unlike the past ultrasounds, we were having a difficult time deciphering what part of our baby is being shown onscreen. Hands and head lang ata yung na-identify namin agad :-) Galaw rin kasi siya ng galaw and I think only OB can tell which is which most of the time. But ok lang as long as everything is ok in there. Our OB wasn’t able to tell / see our baby’s gender yet and we’ll probably have to wait until next month to find out. Oh, we cannot wait :-)

I started to have flutters in my lower abdomen area two/three weeks ago and by this weekend, I was able to feel baby’s movements more often. We also started playing music for baby two weeks ago. We just chose 3 songs and this will be what we’ll be playing for baby until he/she’s born.

For the first time in my pregnancy, I gained weight :-D Yipee. I gained 3 pounds from last month. Funny thing is, my pre-pregnancy weight is 140lbs. I am now 143 lbs. Napapailing talaga ako when I think about this because I honestly eat whenever I am hungry and I thought I’d gain more than 3 lbs. Though I stopped having soft drinks, junk food and I am (sadly) limiting my chocolate intake. Naisip ko nga now na kaya pala I was having a hard time losing weight pre-pregnancy. It’s probably because of all the junk food. Hopefully, I can continue to avoid those “bawal” food post-pregnancy so I’ll lose the baby weight fast.

So, there. This week and next week are hectic weeks once again. Finals week kasi. And all I can think about is the end of the term (haha, advanced masyado). Since my due date is the end of the next term (August 23 and term ends by end of August), I’d be skipping school this first term. Depends on when baby will decide to pop out kung makaka-enroll ako on the second term of the next SY. Pag kasi early September siya, I might have to skip the term again. But ok lang :-) No rush naman ang studies ni mommy. Everything for baby :-)

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