Friday, March 14, 2008

This has to stop!

I've been shopping for maternity clothes these past two weeks and I am having loads of fun wearing my new, now-so-comfy clothes. I think my tummy got bigger these past two weeks also as people from the office (who just looked at my tummy twice before) are now asking me how far along am I in my pregnancy. Possible nga kaya for my tummy to suddenly get bigger because of the new clothes?

I went shopping yesterday (yes, again. When will Havin' a Baby stop their sale ba kasi? It seems kasi na everytime I visit one store, may new items sa sale bin nila). Anyway, I was showing my loot to hubby this morning and when he saw the new pants, he just smiled and looked at me and asked me how many maternity pants I now have.Hmm Which got me thinking that I probably have more than enough pants/skirts na nga. Then I said, "okay, promise, tops na lang." He then said, "sige, let's see, you bought the blue and the brown one last week plus yung mga tela from Carolina's na ipapagawa mong dresses then....". And he went on to mention every single maternity top I bought from the past weeks. Gulp. Ok ok. Stop na talaga promise.

But enough of that. Now, I would like to show you guys what I bought yesterday. I bought a black skirt and black pants from Havin' A Baby and two pairs of pants from a tiangge stall in Market Market that sells Maternity stuff ( I just discovered it yesterday. Stuff are cheap here and I think mostly overruns of exporters. Nice materials and I recommend this stall to mommies-to-be. It's on the second floor, right side if you're facing the fountain near the mall's entrance).

I also bought new shoes (on sale din) from Janylin. Instead of buying flat ones, I bought one with square heels para sturdy pa rin.

And my final purchase.... I just fell in love with these colors

So that concludes my short, two-weeks stint as a shopaholic mommy Next purchases will only be for baby. Promise!


theworkingmom said...

Ang cu cute kasi ng maternity clothes eh. :)

Have a tag for you here.

-- Joey

Mec said...

maternity clothes are expensive and yet you'd only really wear them for a while...

quit with the pants though... they tend to aggravate stretch mark formations :)

but you're being very cute sis... am sure hubs won't deny you :)

Chie Vallesteros said...

hi mec :-)

yeah, im gonna stop buying pants na. naku, may mom was telling me pa mandin na she had stretch marks kahit na kung ano anong cream ang ipinahid niya :-)