Sunday, March 16, 2008

My weekend

I don't know if I can call it that as Sunday was my only free day, so to speak. Kinda sad too because JJ has to go on shift tonight :-(
Saturday was all for my Controllership class. I am one of the reporters for the day and I had to cram in the morning to finish my report. Good thing I was able to finish it on time and everything went well in class. Controllership is the subject that I enjoy this term. For one, because the professor is good and second, the class is small making it just one big "chika" session, instead of a formal class. After class, JJ and I heard mass. I offered mass for my Lola Ima as it was her death anniversary that same day. It was a typical Saturday night for us. We just watched Grey's Anatomy (yey, we're on Season 3 na) until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday is a Sports day for us. Although we're also interested in the Pacquiao-Marquez match, we're more into Formula 1. Today was the season opener and since the race was in Australia, the race was held the same time as the boxing match. I am a Raikkonen fan and the result was pretty disappointing (the pic above shows him getting out of car with a failed engine) but JJ and I enjoyed watching the race. New rules were enforced this season and it made for a more exciting race. I cannot wait for the Malaysian Grand Prix next weekend :-) Hay, I am really hoping that JJ and I will get to watch one Grand Prix race one of these days.

And lastly, given that I am relatively new when it comes to blogging, I can say that I am enjoying it :-) It's a great way to make friends and well, just to express oneself. I was even showing my new entries to JJ this afternoon. Hopefully, I will always be in "sipag" mode when it comes to posting.
I'll be off now. Time for me and baby to go to sleep :-)

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