Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Summer na!

Summer was  made official by our family's first trip to the beach this year with JJ's Safeway family. The destination: Subic Sweetwater Resort in Bataan.

I was the designated driver for our trip to the North. JJ told me that I can easily manage EDSA given that it is an early Saturday morning. He also told me to enjoy the NLEX drive. Hay, I realized that EDSA is divided into lanes that are far smaller than those of SLEX's and C-5's! Haha! I kept on honking my horn kasi feeling ko ginigitgit nila akong lahat. Yun pala, nasa right lane naman sila. Hindi lang talaga ako sanay :) As for NLEX, hubby was right. It was a breeze. Kakatuwa kasi ang luwag luwag. If only ganun ang EDSA...
Anyway, here's our first summer adventure in pictures:
First stop of the day was breakfast. We were all craving for McDo. Good thing the last stopover prior to SCTEX has a McDO in it. I gave up the wheel after breakfast and accompanied Lucas in the backseat.
 When I was about to get in the car, Lucas shouted: "No, Mommy.  Drive Mommy. Mommy turn to drive." Hmm. Ayaw niya ako katabi? But JJ told me na he probably wanted me to drive para his legs will have more room. Kapag si JJ kasi ang nagda-drive, nakasagad yung upuan niya, so less space for Lucas' legs...

 And siempre, my other little boy enjoyed SCTEX (may 180 pa daw yan, hindi ko lang napansin. susmio!). Admittedly, when I started driving, I became more conscious of how JJ drives. Nagiging backseat driver ako talaga. Na nerbyosa :) Siguro it's because I know I can't pull off some of the things that he does when driving.

Lucas and the beach.

 Daddy stayed in the shade...

 Lucas loves playing with sand. Oh, and he buried Thomas in the sand! We just realized it the next morning when Lucas started asking for his little friend. I thought JJ placed Lucas' toys in the car. Minor panic when JJ said no but then I remembered the little boy digging a hole near the car so hanap hanap. We found Thomas buried nga! Poor train! He spent the night there...


 The beach. So peaceful.

 Our family

Enjoying their dip
Me and my Mini-me (I can imagine hubby's face when he reads this :) )

 Me: Anak, look at Daddy oh. Smile!
Obviously, he didn't listen to me

Our guapo beach boy


 Sunset and the men in my life

 Yey! After several minutes and a few reworks, Thomas is ready for Lucas...

 And here's how Lucas showed his gratitude: by stomping on it! Hay... He only enjoyed it for a few minutes. AND the winner of all winner in comments. After stomping on his dad's work:
Lucas: Daddy, more Thomas?
Hahaha! Whaaatttt?????

 The little boy was asleep by 7 PM that night. He was exhausted from all his antics. He woke up pretty early the next day. When JJ woke up, we took a walk down the beach and saw them...

 Nice view

 Family picture?

 It was a pretty sunny day...

 Lucas in action...

 Took this picture before we left the place.

Goodbye Subic Sweetwater. We all had a blast!

Next thing we know, we were packing our things up so we can leave after lunch. Hay, it was short but sweet. I wish we could've stayed longer.

Next stop was Royal Duty Free in SBMA. Of course we had to buy chocolates! (what diet? :) ). But we limited our purchases to items we don't usually see in the supermarkets here in Manila (like Snickers Dark). Though we also bought our favorite Symphony (the blue one!) and a pack of Milky Ways. Hay, makes my mouth water just writing about them here.

Our last stop was Apalit, Pampanga. Popsy's hometown. I spent all my summers there when I was a kid. Yup, I can speak Kapampangan quite fluently (though a little rusty now). My Lola Ima's death anniversary falls every 15th of March. It was nice that we were able to drop by and visit her grave.

Then it was time go home....

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