Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just turned 12

Happy 12 years JJ :)

One nice thing about having a different wedding date from your bf/gf anniversary is the chance to have two separate celebrations. As our wedding date is in between two big family occasions (Christmas and New Year), we usually just opt for a dinner/lunch celebration and then splurge when we celebrate our bf/gf anniv come February.

This year, we chose to stay overnight at the Crowne Plaza (courtesy of Popsy's Priority Privilege vouchers).

First stop of the day is Seven Corners where we had lunch. Priority Privilege voucher entitles the user to a 50% discount on the food bill when dining (party of two). Children under the age of 5 are free of charge.

That's our little boy enjoying the play area outside 7 Corners. It was pretty hard convincing  him to go inside and have lunch.

 Hubby enjoying the lamb chops and rib-eye steak
 My plate (or should I say plates?). Loved the lamb chops. They were cooked perfectly. With mint sauce, arggghh, it will make you forget you're watching what you eat. Also loved their Japanese station, particularly, the sashimi and the maki. Yup, you guessed right. Those two were , uhhmm, only part of what I had for lunch.

 We took turns entertaining the little boy while having our longer-than-usual meal.
Lucas just played with the marshmallow dipped in chocolate. Probably because the chocolate is not sweet enough for him. For JJ though, the chocolate was perfect.

Now to our room. We requested for a King-size bed. The hotel was fully-booked (Edsa celebration?) so there weren't any standard room with a King-size bed left. Good news is we got upgraded to a De luxe room :)

 The two beds...

 Dancing Lucas is enjoying the big space...

 Thomas... enjoying the view (of a building being renovated?)


Initial plan was to take Lucas for a dip in the pool. But plan was scrapped when the little one ran a fever the day before. We just stayed in the room and relaxed. After a short rest, we went out to the nearby Galleria mall and looked around. We also bought Lucas donuts. Since we're still full from lunch, JJ and I decided to buy a light meal. We capped the night off with decaf coffee courtesy of HSBC :)

The next day, we were up by 7:30 AM. Breakfast at 7 Corners is definitely a good way to start one's day :)

 Lucas and his pancakes & syrup

 JJ's waffles and bacon

My Tocilog :)

Believe me when I say that there are lots of choices. Breakfast staples like pancakes, waffles, bread, cheese and jams are all available. There is an omelette station. The grill station serves rib-eye and salmon steak. The Japanese station serves several types of maki. The Chinese station serves congee and noodles. There's yogurt and cereals. The Filipino station served tocino, daing na bangus and longganisa. There were fresh fruits as well. Oh and there is an Indian station but JJ and I didn't get the chance to try anything from there.

After breakfast, we went back to bed and watched Playhouse Disney until it was time to take a bath and prepare for check out. The little boy loved the bath tub :)

The tired dancing boy was asleep even before we got out of Crowne Plaza's parking lot. But it was quite evident that he had a blast. JJ and I did too. Though JJ was a little bored sometimes as Lucas had the TV on Playhouse Disney the whoollleee time he was awake. We opted not to avail the hotel's internet services as we found it ridiculously priced at P300 per hour.
The vacation was kinda short but we enjoyed the fact that we do not have to wake up early on a Monday morning :)

Here are snapshots taken before we left the hotel:
 Dancing Lucas

 My boys...

Lucas is undeniably my look-a-like here


Wonder where we'll celebrate next year... :)

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